Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Play Date and A Party!

Today has been a fun filled day of playing at a mega park with AJ's daycare buddies and preparing for dad's big arrival home.  Andy only travels once a year for work and AJ and I HATE every second of it!  He has been gone for eternity...well...or just 6 days.  

Here are pictures of AJ at the park with his friends and our party preparations for welcoming dad home!  I love him more than chocolate covered strawberries, sleeping in and scrapbooking!  AJ loves him more than playing in water, bananas, and his Old MacDonald Baby Einstein DVD!  Now, that's a lot!  


jessieg said...

Oh! Look at that cute, grown-up smile AJ is wearing. What a fun day. I want a slice of that cake. Yum yum.

Katlyn said...

That cake looks amazing!!!