Saturday, July 26, 2014

Family Reunion 2014

11 hours in the car one way

7 brothers and sisters reunited

15 grand kids

43 peeps altogether

8 days

4 cabins and one lake house

Countless crazy memories




We spent many hours on the lake...

Lots of time playing with cousins...

Many jet ski and boat rides...

We toured a cave.

It was stunning, and much to Abby's relief didn't have any bears.

Feeding a group this size three times a day is quite a feat. But we had grand meals every day. The shrimp and crab boil night was one of my fave. Having Cornerstone, my all time fave subs ever, was a fave too.
To say the kids loved fishing would be an understatement.

AJ enjoyed the challenge and peacefulness of it.

Abby enjoyed everything gross about it.

And Brody just didn't want to miss out on anything.

3 of us sisters out of the 5 got sorella tattoos.

My absolute favorite part of the trip.

And I got a little anchor to represent my fave bible verse.
We have this hope, as an anchor for the soul. Firm and secure.
-Hebrews 6:19

There was soooo much more that isn't captured in this post, but will forever be in our hearts. My siblings impress and amaze me everyday. In how they love and give and remain strong. I am honored to be apart of such a solid, loyal group of people everyday.


Insta-Catch Up

I love a stroll through the Farmers Market.

Holding a sweet 8 year old boy's hand and sharing some fresh squeezed cherry lemonade on a hot summer day makes it even better.




AJ loves building a new Lego set. He goes into full concentration mode until it's complete.

I love how he always asks if we can take a picture to send to dad at work when he finishes a set or a new creation.


Brody got some new rain boots the other day, and clomped around in them all day. I loved it.

$4 Target clearance. #score

Brody and daddy napping before the big road trip.

We squeezed in some family Circus pictures last Thursday before we hit the road. I can't wait to see them!!! The kiddos and I got Circus cookies after the shoot! Pictures and cookies! So fun. We love Sharon Arnoldi Photography!

Then we loaded up the swagger wagon and headed out for Missouri to see my fam!



Camp Cool AJ

AJ likes to be called Cool AJ. He says it's his pen name like famous authors have. He's been doing it for two years now, and it stuck.

Cool AJ turned 8 last week, and we had a camping themed party and back yard camp out. It was one of the most fun bday parties we have planned yet.

The kiddos each received a flashlight as a party favor, along with a nerf gun they used for an intense game of capture the flag.

We had a trail mix bar...

I ordered his birthday shirt from Etsy. We set up a huge tent we borrowed from a friend. The kids made "lanterns" with glue, tissue paper, and mason jars as they arrived.

AJ requested dirt cake instead of a traditional cake.

We played Slurpin' For Worms with our hands behind our backs and gummy worms in whipped cream.

We made s'mores.

We played Cheeto Head with shower caps, shaving cream, and Cheeto Puffs. It was hilarious.

We had an obstacle coarse and target practice with our nerf guns to prepare for Capture the Flag.

We played Glow in the Dark Ring Toss.

And we slept in a tent in the back yard.

It was an awesome birthday celebration with an awesome group of friends.

Friday, July 11, 2014


We are still chillaxing and enjoying the lazy days of summer.

I pulled out some supplies for a small project one morning...

And the kiddos ended up with a fun outside chalkboard.

It's a fun addition to the backyard.

We had family over for AJ's birthday, and we had birthday cake waffles instead of cake. They were super fun and delicious.

I got totally distracted one day and started sewing when I had a hundred other things I needed to be doing...

But Abby ended up with a fun dress.

We started gathering supplies for AJ's birthday camp out!

S'mores, capture the flag, camping out in the backyard.


I caught my kids playing "winter" one day. As if winter doesn't last long enough out here.


Brody threw my phone in the toilet one night. #seriously?!

Luckily the last person that used it had flushed...because....well because my children aren't the best flushers in the world.

Just saying. It could have been worse.

The phone made a full recovery. And it wasn't pee water.


Ab and I had Girl Spa one night while the boys took Mary Flair back to storage. Abby giggled after they left, grabbed my hands and pulled me to the stairs exclaiming, "Let's have Girl Spa and paint our nails together!" It was such an honor to have her be so excited to hang out together.
She requested a "face thing with pickles" on her eyes. We skipped the pickles...because nobody wants pickle juice in their eyes.
We put her hair in rag curls! This makes me pure giddy. Rag curls take me back to my childhood. I think every momma and daughter should have fond memories of Girl Spa nights with rag curls.

I can't get enough of those freckles and rags and that smile.


The excitement continued into the next day when we got to take the rags out. #littleorphanabby

Gotta love "picnics" with good buddies.




I scored my all-time favorite MJ dress ever!



The essence of the whimsical childhood of a little girl that believes in fairy tales with all her heart in.a.dress.

Strawberry wine

Laughing with a good friend that so totally gets me.


This boy has had an exciting week as birthday gifts have started trickling in. I love that the gift of a book brings him so much joy.



Melty beads.

Doesn't everyone have some faint memory of these things as a kid?!

Abby finally developed an attention span long enough to complete her own project. Love it!

Sonic dessert...

And watching the sun set in a local park...

Taking selfies...
And just chilling in nature as a family.

Have an awesome weekend!