Tuesday, March 27, 2012

6 Months

Monday, March 26, 2012


I just went in here to take peek.

But I may have come home with this...
and this...
Seriously, how could I not?!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Yo Yo Yo Insta Friday In The House

This week is a blur.
The days just seemed to all mesh together.
(Is this because I'm getting older...or because I'm tired?)

Anyway, here we are with
another retrospective Insta Friday.

This is my fave post every week.

life rearranged

Kate and I made the most amazing cupcakes last Friday night.
Cherry-Almond Vanilla and Orange Cream Pop


The Orange Cream Pop ones were my favorite.
In fact, I think Abby's next birthday party should be centered around
this little cupcake of Orange Cream goodness.

Although my days were a blur,
I do distinctly remember looking forward to indulging in a cupcake...or 3 every day.

If you are local and ever get the urge to just bake cupcakes,
call me. I will drop everything, and we will have ourselves a good 'ol time.
I will even bring these.
Oh yeah baby.
This is how I roll.
3.2 from the grocery store
We made our traditional pilgrimage to the St. Patrick's Day parade,
and were not disappointed.
Seriously, the light rail ride is the best part.
The crowds are...intense.
I say next year, we are IN the damn parade!
Not kidding.
This is going to happen.
And oh yeah. We partook in corned beef and cabbage, Irish chocolate cake,
and someone even had a green beer.
Best $10 ever spent.
Andy was on birthday party duty while AJ and I went to my busy bag exchange.
And we just happened to squeeze in a little Sonic happy hour drink.
Quality mother son time right there.
And Broderick Allen had his 6 month check up.
6 months.
Half of his first year is over.
It's a blur.
But a happy blur.
One year a student brought me a Spring Break gift.
It came at the perfect time.
A time when I needed a break and a treat like no other.

And that day I declared I would always gift the kids' teachers with such a treat.

Now I like sweets.
Love sweets actually.
But one of the kids' teachers is very health conscious.
How do you do fun and health conscious?
Jamba Juice it is!
I h.a.t.e when my head phones get tangled.
So I was crazy excited to see this solution on none other than the awe inspiring Pinterest.
It was like I was transcended back in time and
was making my BFF's in middle school friendship bracelets again.
It was therapeutic making all those knots.
And I'm only half way done!
Best spent morning ever.
A new magazine and a good drink.
I am so stoked for gardening this year!
I want Lilac bushes and Lavender Veils!
Thank you Better Homes and Gardens...
and the best sister ever that gifted me with such a treasure!
Oh Pinterest.
How you motivate me.
I was so excited for this project,
but the kids would only eat so many oranges the other day.
We'll keep adding to the jar.
This kid hates tummy time.
But we still torture him with it a couple times a day.
His little cry is so melodramatic.
It has quite the build up.

First, the crinkled up nose and eyes squeezed shut tight silent cry.
Oh this part is gut-wrenching for any bystander...
because you never know at what given second the great wail is going to come.
And then it comes...oh and it comes with such intensity...
followed by the great suck in of air, head back and the short, powerful, gusts of wails.
The resolve shattering, urgent wails.
And the crocodile tears roll down his cheeks.
It is the saddest thing in the world.
But it is a necessary evil.
Family Fun magazine saves me every month.
Seriously a balloon, some string, a straw and some tape.
And hours of fun and giggles.
I love this song.
Especially at the beginning of spring.
A 98 cent bag of jelly beans might do it.
These little beans of sugar may be the key to potty training Abby.
Thank God.
Did you know if you cut off the bottom of a stalk of celery, soak it in water, and then plant it...
it will regrow a new stalk of celery?!
It's been in the water a couple days and look! It is already starting to grow!
That is so cool!
Growing things fascinate me.
Totally fascinate me.
Have a great weekend!
Listen to What A Wonderful World and play in the dirt!
I'm going to!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Sooooo....

want THIS!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Because We Always Forget Something...

Seriously this conversation has happened more than a few times...

Me: Did you get the sunblock?
Andy: No, did you get the sunblock?
Me: No, why would I ask you if you got the sunblock, if I got the sun block?
(we'll just stop there)

You can substitute diaper bag for sunblock...
hand sanitizer...
bug spray...
only once did we say baby...and we hadn't pulled away yet...& he was in the van already.

So, inspired by Rips In My Jeans, I made a car kit.
Everything fits perfectly in this wipes box.

It has:
bug repellent wipes
a diaper
hand sanitizer
band aids, antiseptic wipes, and Polysporin
a plastic Target bag
& deodorant...
because I can't handle it if I can't remember if I put deodorant on that day.

Did I forget anything else that I need to add?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Love This Song

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ridiculously Amazing

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Insta Friday

Hellllo Friday!
We have big plans for St. Patrick's Day this weekend,
and I can hardly wait!

We always get all decked out in green, ride the light rail downtown,
watch the parade, and have corned beef and cabbage for lunch!
It's awesome.
My favorite part is how everyone on the light rail is also all decked out in green,
headed to the parade,
and laughing and visiting like we are friends.

Link up with your pics from this week!
Some weeks fly by, and I don't feel like I accomplished much...
until I relive the week in retrospect as I look over my insta-pics...
and realize dang, we did a lot this week.
It happens a lot.
life rearranged

I am loving this gorgeous capri and flip flop wearing weather!
I love food.
It seems to make a recurring appearance in my pics every week.
Lobster, shrimp, and crab legs!
OMG! This is my Heaven.
And I got to tell you Red Lobster has the best fries e.v.e.r.
Order them next time.
See more food.
Andy surprised us with Krispy Kreme one morning.
I love that man.
I'm not gonna lie.
Before we had kids, our dogs were our life.
Now...the poor dog is lucky to get much attention...other than being drug around by a kid.
Some days I would go to bed, and think did I feed Latte today?...I don't think I fed Latte today.
So we got these dog bowls.
Best purchase ever.
One less thing.
My hands crack and bleed.
Not cute.
So I've been on a quest to find something that works and doesn't leave my hands feeling sticky.
I am in love.
I hoard it in my purse.
It's fabulous.
And hummus is becoming a weekly staple on the grocery list.
Andy got his new truck this week.
It is hot.
I'm imagining trips to Sonic for happy hour this summer, looking at the stars in the truck bed, endless hours of the kids play camping back there...
It has air conditioned seats.
$2.42 at Target this week.
I love couponing.
It's guilt free shopping.
What is not to love?!
This little guy has a cold.
So we didn't see many of his smiles.
It is sad.
Hopefully he's on the mend.
AJ thought it would be fun to give Latte a bath this week.
Not sure Latte felt the same way.
I love this dog's spastic fur.
I tried to fix Abby's hair like a shamrock this week for school.
Not easy with a moving target.
But cute in the end.
I hate when the junk drawer gets so full just opening and closing it becomes a chore.
I usually avoid it for a while, and finally cleaned it out this week
when I couldn't take it any longer.
Giving the dog a bath was more enjoyable.
I got a lovely box in the mail this week in preparation for my sistah's
30th birthday celebration at the end of the month.
I am in love with Shop Sweet Lulu.
Fun, inexpensive party supplies.
Seriously, anywhere that sends you salt water taffy as a thank you
deserves your business.
Stripey paper straws in milk bottles.
Be still my heart.
Pint size berry baskets painted to match the party colors...
does it get any better?!
And 256 cut out felt shapes later,
I am ready to participate in my next busy bag exchange with 15 others.
Inspired by my neighbor, I made button snakes this time.
This exchange is with 15 other peeps...
16 different busy bags!

Top of the day to ya!
Have an awesome St. Pat's Day!