Tuesday, June 21, 2016

And Just Like That It Was May

We spent weeks nurturing our little seedlings. Watering them and loving them.

Brody especially loved taking care of them.
This little guy was over the moon for his water day at school. Especially after all the snow this spring.

Abby had her USA program in 1st grade. This was my favorite page in her book. She picked the most important person in history to honor. Love that dove above the church doors.

Spring thunderstorm with the windows open and hot tea. The best.

Love this Mommy & Me photo session. These guys have my heart.

Brody's Mother's Day gift came with this awesome page. That kid looked forward to the sensory table every day. So loving me more than the sensory table is quite the honor.

Garden soil prep! It was a little chilly, but we worked up a sweat.

So looking forward to a summer of gardening.

Such cute garden helpers!

We got chicks!!! Fingers crossed they are all hens and no roosters.

I have thought about getting chickens forever. After losing Latte to old age this year, I was heart broken & needed something to love & nuture so chicks it is!

They are Poppy, Daisy Mae, Polly Ann, & Marigold!

We love them so much!

Daisy Mae loves to look at herself in the mirror! So funny!
Poppy likes to sit up on top of the food container. hehehe

We had our AHG end of the year badge ceremony. I went with a growing theme this year!

Had fun making Ab star hair for the badge ceremony.

This guy was all smiles after his hair cut.

I brought Subway & had lunch with AJ at school the last week of the school year. It was fun to see him during the day.

Abby requested Chick-fil-A for her lunch at school.

Field Day was fun. Abby always includes her buddy Brody in everything she does. She has a big heart that one.

We got the garden planted!

My garden helper carried our tomato cages at Home Depot. This boy wants to be a farmer when he grows up and is getting in some good gardening skills at a young age. Love his passion for all things country.