Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Insta-Catch Up

I am not a morning person. So it's a pretty big deal if I make breakfast. Ha! I have my kids pretty well trained to get themselves dressed and make breakfast. It's awesome.

But every now & then I surprise them.

I love my roses. Those colors!

One day we just jumped on bubble wrap for 30 minutes.


It was crazy fun.

Seriously love hair chalk. Why not have rainbow hair in the summer?!

Sunflowers. Yellow. Roses. Mason jars. Happiness.

One day Andy and I spent half a day looking at wood flooring. We snuck a Starbucks date in there. It was fun.

P.S. I hate carpet. Hate.it.

Love getting stuff from the garden! It makes me down right giddy.
We grew those! That's just fun!

We had dinner with friends, so I made brownie fruit pizza for dessert. The fruit is glazed with homemade apple jelly one of my AHG girls gifted me with! It was the perfect summer dessert.

I had a rough day one day. Because some days with 3 kids are rough. So Andy sent me to Starbucks and Target. He's a good man.

I bought Abby a Caboodle. Oh how I wish I had kept my Caboodle. It was mint & peach! I loved it.

We went to the Minions movie with friends. Guys I fell asleep in the theater. Not a ringing endorsement for the movie.

Then our refrigerator died. It sucked. I mean really sucked. Like hours of painful fridge shopping with 3 kids kind of sucked. But now we have a beautiful new fridge. And the ice maker works. So that's fun.

I still walk in the kitchen and am like whoa what is that?! Oh it's our fancy new fridge.

Now all our other appliances suck in comparison.

Oh this little boy has my heart.

Love this pj and rain boots look.

And how he purposefully closes his eyes for pictures.

These guys. Destroying back yard peace across the burbs. So funny.

Love meeting up with BFF's for pool days.

We could totally be a Sonic commercial.

We would sell lots of slushies.

I'm sure of it.

This boy turned 9. That's so crazy to me.

He loves Minecraft, Legos, Settlers of Catan, Snickers bars, Sour Patch Kids, meat lovers pizza, reading, riding his bike, and his dog Latte.

Andy took this van full of boys to an amusement park and out for pizza for AJ's bday. Go carts and the zip line were their fave.
Love that these guys have been buds since kindergarten...or birth!
We ventured to an 1860's and 1890's farm with buds one day since we've been reading Laura Ingalls Wilder books this summer. Ab wanted to wear her pinoneer girl hat. Love it!

Then we went to a cute little homemade ice cream shop. Ab had strawberry basil ice cream...she ate it all. Then said she doesn't really care for basil.

Love watching our garden grow! Good for the soul.

Andy and I went to the Darius Rucker concert at Fiddlers Green.

It was so fun. I love concerts. I love the people watching. I love the loudness. I love the concession stand food. I love all of it. And I really love Darius Rucker. So much heart. Love his love for southern hospitality.

Now to raise up Abby to dress conservatively...because wow...girls need to know that less coverage is not beautiful. Self-respect and confidence is beautiful.

Love that our house is where the neighborhood kids gather...

We brought Mary Flair home from storage to get ready for our big family reunion trip. Love working on Mary Flair projects.

We added a couple new accessories this time! Vintage strawberry stuff makes me think of my grandma and makes my heart happy.

Andy added trim, and I painted it! Such a clean look.

Red and white gingham jams. Be still my heart.


Thursday, July 9, 2015

4th of July 2015

4th of July is one of my all-time fave holidays!

I just love red, white & blue & parades & BBQ's & fireworks!

This year we started a week early with the kiddos being in nana & papa's neighborhood parade! Super fun!

We got some fireworks from a local stand! One of my favorite childhood memories is getting to go pick out fireworks! I love to see how excited the kids get!

We had some fun, refreshing red, white & blue drinks with a friend!

Abby helped with building the American Heritage Girls float!

That was mildly terrifying.

It was super fun to be in the parade this year! And super hot.
Love this girl up!

I rocked some Little Patriot Jamberries!

The block party was a success!

Water slide, good food, good friends & neighbors.

Brody enjoyed the food all day long.

We did fireworks in the street before gong to watch the big fireworks show.

It was a good day.



We are enjoying everything that summer is...

The Farmers Market and fresh fruit...

Ice cream in the back yard...

Reading on the hammock...

Go cart racing...

Amusement Park rides....

With our hands up in the air...

Carousel rides...

Mini golf...

Mama girls nights with cupcakes...

Impromptu neighbor get togethers with outdoor movies...

Afternoons at the pool with friends...

Gorgeous roses in the front yard...

Strawberries from our garden...

Days at the park...

With good friends...

Taking selfies...

Riding bikes to the pool on the weekends...

Coloring on rainy days...

And fashion designing....

It's been real.