Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Didn't Die...

But my computer did...

after AJ quenched its thirst with an entire glass of water.
We were able to recover the hard drive, but the rest is toast, so
I am using Andy's PC (I just threw up in my mouth)
until we replace my beloved Mac.

Anyway here are my last two Insta Fridays crammed into a random late Wednesday night post.

The week before last week...right around my blog disappearance
we drove out to Kansas and Missouri for the good 'ol family reunion.
We racked up nearly 2,000 on the swagger wagon on this trip.
There was a lot of vampire novel reading, sleeping in uncomfortable positions,
and many hours of DVD watching.
I don't know how parents did road trips before portable DVD players.
I would have abandoned my children on the side of the road.
I'm just saying.
After about 10 hours on the first leg of the trip, we made it to Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City to splash in the pool, go down many water slides, have a pizza party with Aunt Jess, Uncle JL, and V...
and have a much needed momma massage.
These are the only two pictures I have of GWL.
It was go time from sun up to sun down.

From KC we drove another 3.5 hours down to Missouri to spend the night with Grandpa Jim...
Where we played in bamboo growing in his yard, checked out his garden, and ate at my all- time favorite sub shop on the entire planet.

The following day we jumped back in the van for another hour to visit
one of the greatest people on Earth, my Aunt Glennie.
I love that woman.
We visited, ate ice cream, held her pet bird, and looked at old photographs. 
After visiting with Aunt Glennie, we loaded up for the drive to Branson,
our final destination for the reunion. 
We squeezed in a day at SDC before everyone arrived.
I love that my kiddos will have memories of riding Fire In The Hole and getting soaked on the water rides just like I did.  Good times. 
We rented two big cabins for everyone, signed up for meals, had awesome matching shirts, and lots of quality time hanging out with Grandpa Jim, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and cousins.
One of the greatest things on Earth is seeing cousins run around and play like best friends.
We nearly filled an entire Duck Boat ourselves and quacked the whole ride.
We enjoyed a country dinner with Pepsi in mason jars, eating without silverware, and watching an incredible show.  Abby and AJ drink out of their Dixie Stampede boot cups for every meal now.

We caught lightning bugs, ate snow cones, went on a nature hike, made smores...
a sleep over on the screened in back porch with our cousins.

Then we drove 13 hours straight to get back to Denver in time to drop the kiddos off
with Nana and Papa and go to the Nickelback concert.
It was awesome.
We have got to go to more concerts.
After our late night, it was back to reality.
Lots of laundry and catching up on sleep.
Then I started working on my block of the month quilt again...finally.

I walked/jogged 23.25 miles last week.
There are so many beautiful trails out here.
I got some running shoes.
I had to run on a treadmill while they video taped me.
Not intimidating at all.
We spent a morning at the park and splashing in the water with good friends.
I discovered my new favorite ice cream flavor.
Black Raspberry Chocolate
I finally made our Summer Bucket List

And we ended last week hanging out at the Museum of Nature and Science.
The fun never ends.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Insta Friday

Hello friends.
Hello Insta Friday.
 life rearranged
Having a garden is one of my most favorite parts of summer.
Every year I forget how small the plants in the garden start out.
By the end of the summer, you won't even be able to see the soil.
It's about one of the coolest things.   
Such cute fellas.
I love that Starbucks sends me a birthday gift every year.
It's the happiest kind of mail.
I may have gone a little crazy planning activities for the family reunion.
Reading with cousins.
Nature hikes.
Boat Rides.
Decorating bags.
Catching fire flies.
Flashlight tag.
Matching sunglasses.
It's going to rock.
I can't freakin' wait!
Last weekend we celebrated Nana's birthday at our house.
Shrimp, chips and salsa, wine, sweet potatoes, rotisserie chickens, cornbread casserole,  
bananas calypso flambeed with homemade ice cream.
Happy people just hanging out.
Stress relief lotion, fruity soap, and pictures of the hellians as gifts.
It was fun.
Tried a little twist in my pony tail this week.
Simple, but kinda fun.
Made some homemade lemonade this week to go with dinner.
So fun and refreshing.
We had friends over for smoked pulled pork and just hanging out in the back yard.
So fun.
We love hanging out with them.
Seriously, if you don't own a rose bush...go get one.
Talk about happiness every day.
Love me some fruity summer foaming soap.
I know.  
I can make it for way cheaper, 
but sometimes it's just fun to buy the real thing.
I mean, starwaberry basil, come on!  Who could resist that?!  
Not me.
I may have said this before, but I love Sonic.
4 cherries!  Now that's a good day.
(I may have already indulged in one by the time I took this pic.)
Greatest purchase ever.  
3 for $15 at Costco.
Who knew drinking water could be this fun?!