Friday, February 28, 2014


Hello Friday!

Abby and I had Girls Spa last Friday.

She requested music and a massage with her mani and pedi.

Love that girl.

Rainbow nails are her fave.

We started planning out our garden boxes and getting ready to plant our seeds inside!

Love gardening!

We made more blueberry muffins from scratch. These kiddos love their blueberries.
Ab and I went to a Young Life event last night and out for a treat afterward.
She's been asking a lot of questions lately...
Like is there gravity in Heaven?
Do you still go to Heaven if you're eaten by a bear?
Serious stuff.


Friday, February 21, 2014


Happy Friday!

Last week the kids were super excited to go through their Valentine's Day loot. Always a happy chaos...candy is separated and put in labeled baggies and rationed out over time. Lots of excitement and over-tired kiddos.

Andy and I had a date night at home after the kiddos went to bed. Love these kind of nights. Simple but special and so fun!

Ab and AJ had a play date Friday, so it was just Brody and me for the day. We went and painted pottery with good friends! Brody picked a dinosaur to paint and took his task very seriously. It was a fun day. Excited to take all the kids back!

Then we had fondue for dinner...which was kinda crazy but hilariously fun with 3 small kids.

Saturday I saw Labor Day in the theater with a good friend and cried my eyes out. Love a good love story. And can't stop thinking about making a homemade peach pie every since!

Monday the kids didn't have school for President's Day. We spent time playing outside and playing games most of the day. It was delightful.

These two play together all day. It's so sweet to see them bond.

Love this bag! The bright zipper and fun surprise lining make my heart happy. It makes me think of spring. I want spring so bad.

This boy still wears his boots everyday and loves every second of life.
I've been trimming, checking, counting, and bundling thousands of Box Tops with the help of 3 other volunteers.
Andy surprised the kids with doughnuts this morning.
They were over the moon.

Big plans this weekend to plant our garden seeds inside! Can't wait! I love knowing spring is on its way!


Friday, February 14, 2014


Hello Friday!

Hello 4 day weekend, open afternoons, chick flick with girlfriends, and bible study! So ready to soak in some quality time with my favorite peeps!

Last Friday started out rough. Ab's 5 year old wellness check-up turned into a 3 hour doctor visit, trip to the lab and trip to the pharmacy. I was in tears when I looked up to see an angel walk through the front door with a venti chai. And my whole entire world settled, and I knew I would get through the day.

I am loving my new water bottle from another BFF. Because we all know I need a little help drinking water...blah.

Ab rocked a side ponytail this week! Love it! Love that girl!

AJ won a jar of kisses at a birthday party for having the closest estimate. I pretty much ate all 60 of them. Good thing he is a forgiving boy that loves his mama...

This little boy is so 2 right now. Melting down over serious matters...

Like when I put on his tennis shoes instead of his cowboy boots...

Or make him get in his car seat to go somewhere...

Or when I give him a purple straw instead of a red one...

Or when I put the wrong sock on first...

But he still melts my heart with his smiles and blonde hair and big blue eyes and sense of adventure.

He loves those chickens. And those cowboy boots.

He's a country boy at heart.

I signed up to bring treats to for the teachers at the kids' school for Valentine's Day.

I opted for fresh fruit...

And chocolate...
I love making treats for others. It makes my heart happy.

Our little party planning committee pulled off another successful party.

And just when I think I can't handle the chaos of classroom party planning another year, AJ comes up to me and gives me a big bear hug and kisses my hand as he says thank you at the end of the party.

And everything falls back into perspective, and I think maybe I can do it again next year. That boy has my heart.

This is the extent of our Valentine's Day decor around here. It brightens up the room a bit.
Have a great weekend!
I'm looking forward to some quality time with my fam and good friends.
So very blessed, we are. If only we pause to realize it every now and then. When we do, this daily life is truly breathtaking.

Love others and let them know it.

Friday, February 7, 2014


This week...

We started planning/saving for a Disney World 2016...

Because it costs an arm and a leg to take a family of 5 to Disney World.

We worked on valentines for the great grandparents...

Ab had her Glamour Girl birthday party...

And Brody found the leftover birthday cake...

Ab was gifted with all kinds of Brave paraphernalia...

Who thought giving Ab a bow and arrows was a good idea?!

We won't talk about the Super Bowl...

Or how Ab broke out in horrible hives and ended up in the doctor's office...

I kicked AJ's butt in Battleship...

I made blueberry muffins...

I spent a couple early mornings snuggled up with this cutie on delayed start days...

Andy got me flowers...

And Brody destroyed them...

Good thing he's cute.

Have a great weekend!

The Lego movie comes out today. This day has been the subject of much eager anticipation around here.

We are ordering our tickets early. Gonna be there on opening night. AJ is over the moon.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Yummy Healthy Dinner Recipe

Every now and then I freak out about the way we are eating and vow to eat better. It usually lasts a couple weeks...then we have a busy week and the fast/easy/convenient/not so healthy meal options creep back in.

Then I freak out, and we try again.

It is what it is.

In my most recent freak out I made Easy Macaroni Casserole from skinny

Their idea of easy and my idea of easy are not the same. This one took some time chopping veggies and chopping veggies and chopping veggies....while trying to fend off Brody...

But I guess spending 20 minutes chopping veggies is a sign of a healthy meal. uses ground turkey and whole grain pasta.

It was yummy and Abby and AJ ate their whole plate without complaint.

A link to the recipe is if you're feeling like being healthy and have the time to spend 20 minutes chopping veggies, it's a good one.

Click HERE to go to skinny taste for the recipe!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014


And not the awesome, cute Disney kind.

It 's like Minnesota up in here.

The boys were loving the first round of snow.

Now it's just redonkulously, bitter, freakin' frigid cold.

Like think Game Of Thrones..."Winter is coming"...kind of cold.

My nose instantly freezes when I step out of the van.

And Brody cries when it's time to pick up his brother and sister.

But I get to wear my new super cute sparkly hat that I L.O.V.E. multiple times a day.

So there's that.

And we drink a lot of hot cocoa with marshmallows.