Friday, December 19, 2014


The holiday parties are in full swing, and

13 parties/events this week. Not kidding. I'm one tired mama bear.

The kids seem to have kicked it into overdrive and have excessive bounds of energy though. It's like they instantly convert all those cookies and candy canes they consume into fuel and good cheer...and I spike & crash. I'm like a walking mombie on auto-pilot to King Soopers for yet another platter of cookies every day.

This cutie is the local newspaper thief in the hood, always collecting papers from people's driveways. He refused to put this paper down for entire morning, showing it to everyone we saw & exclaiming, "THERE's SANTA IN HERE! LOOK SANTA!"

I did get to enjoy a morning with some wonderful mama friends crafting up some wine charms last Friday. That was good for the soul.

Frisbee, our elf, brought us tickets for the Polar Express again. We stuffed our faces with popcorn and hot cocoa as Andy drove the mini van around wearing a child size conductor's hat, so we could look at Christmas lights.

AJ did say this year, "Hey these tickets are just printed out from the computer!" But then he dropped it. I'm figuring our time of Christmas innoccence is only going to last through this year with that one. #sniffsniff

Seriously best friends bring over your favorite movies! I love the 80's. And best friends.

"Heyyyyy you guyyyyys!"

Our bible study collectively made 100 meals to donate to a local homeless shelter. The kiddos decorated the bags while the adults made sandwiches and assembled meals. It was awesome. As a family we plan on delivering meals and becoming more involved in this ministry.

"Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." Matthew 25:40

Abby attended one of the most organized and well thought out cookie decorating and ornament exchange parties ever! Over 20 excited Kindergarteners, and it was a smooth, enjoyable experience. That my friends is truly impressive. Abby picked the ornament her BFF brought, and was spastically excited to hang it on her tree.

Love those tiny hands.

These two are buddies. Partners in crime really. This is right before we left for their religious ed. Christmas program.

Ab was Mary. And Brody was a choir boy. Ab hammed it up.
Brody both picked his nose & ate it
AND discovered the fly in his pants was kinda like a pocket.
Front row and center for everyone to see...

We LOVE finding Frisbee in the mornings. Seriously elf haters are missing out. This creepy little guy is magical.

This little boy loves floor puzzles. He says, "Do puzzle with me?"

How can I turn that down?!

Girlfriend had her winter recital this week. She dances with her whole heart and soul. We love our little dance studio.

Abby posed about ten different ways with that stick horse for pictures. She said, "And now this pose."

Girlfriend's fortune the other day.

Abby was so excited to bring home her gingerbread house she decorated with her buddy. What you can't see in this pic is the junk yard she made in the back yard.

You can take a girl out of Missouri...but you can't take Missouri out of a girl.

We left the gingerbread house in the middle of the table and went to AJ's school party. When we came home this is all that was left of Ab's gingerbread house and junk yard.

Latte is defininatly on the naughty list.

Ab picked out a party outfit and fixed her own hair for AJ's school party. She rocked those 40 hair bands.

Seriously this girl.

The Kindie holiday party was super cute and a blast. Kindergarten is pretty magical. We are so very blessed with a teacher we love. A teacher that has taught me to embrace Abby's artistic, creative free spirit. And that my friends is one of the greatest gifts a teacher can give a parent.

This little boy has inherited his big brother's love of Christmas. And it's pretty awesome to watch unfold.

And just like that winter break has started!

Hold onto your Santa hats kids, we are in for a one busy party weekend!

Friday, December 12, 2014


Whew! I always want to type another day another dollar. But I'm a SAHM, so, that doesn't make any sense. I guess I could say another week another 5,000 potty accidents. It just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Every year I want to get a Lego Advent calendar, but every year I talk myself out of it. UNTIL THIS YEAR!!!

Best $30 ever. We love this thing. If you have Lego lovers, go for it! Christmas should be magical.

If you have an eight year old boy, you might have a creeper hanging on your Christmas tree...

I never thought I would be say I have a creeper on my tree...but I say a lot of things with 3 kids I never thought I would say.

This boy loves Christmas. December hits, and he's in that Santa hat 24/7.
I love this little part of my kitchen window. The mason jar is from our trip to Charleston, SC and Mary Flair is from a BFF.

These stockings make me smile every year. So funky and fun.

Girlfriend lives in a world of fairies and pixies.

So naturally she needed a glittery Christmas fairy dress to twirl in.

Pink reindeer. Silver glitter. Happy mama.

Don't judge. You do what you gotta do. And it worked. Brody had his first poop in the potty instead of his pants that day. I will survive potty training. I will survive potty training. I will survive potty training. My new mantra.

P.S. They loved Home Alone.

PSA: It has serious naughty language.

St. Nick comes every year, and my kids eat candy canes and chocolate for breakfast that day.

We had our first neighborhood hay ride. It was crazy fun. Already making plans for next year!

The neighborhood ornament exchange followed the hay ride. Gotta love a new surprise ornament.

We ventured out for our traditional cutting of the Christmas tree.

Brody said, "I found our tree!"

We ended up picking out a much bigger tree to bring home.
Andy and AJ cut it down and loaded it in the back of the truck...

While Abby and I ate snacks and took selfies.

Brody had a buddy over for a play date. They had hot cocoa and decorated a gingerbread man. I love these two boys together.

I took AJ a Christmas shopping for his brother and sister, then taught him how to wrap gifts. It was a fun mama/son night.

We love The Bear Snores On books. This one Is Bear Stays Up for Christmas.

Frisbee, our elf, brings all our Christmas movies and books back every year. We love it.

I have Jamberry ADD and change them every week for something new. The Christmas ones are my fave.

We have an action packed weekend!

Hope yours is just as fun!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Insta Catch Up

Thanksgiving break.

So many relaxing days just hanging out as a family.

I loved having a few free days without a full calendar. Just cozying up as a fam. It was good for the soul.

Nana and papa took the kids over night a couple different times.

Andy and I got a bunch of holiday shopping done. We rarely get to do the Christmas shopping together. Usually we divide and conquer with one of us watching the kids and one of us shopping.

This year we leisurely strolled through stores together. It was fabulous.

Love theses advent wreaths Ab & Brody made in Sunday school.

Brody shows his to everyone that comes to our house.

Thomas every year.

I know one year they will be too big to have Thomas in their yard. Until then I'll savor their excitement over this silly train.

Ab made her family quilt block for Kindergarten. She wanted to make sure her favorite painting of Van Gogh's Starry Night was on there. That girl's passion cracks me up.

I love a mix of bright and funky with traditional Christmas decor!

Christmas decorations make me downright giddy!

This made me laugh. Naturally Brody would be thankful for food. He's a tank.

The Capernaum girls came over for a girls night of baking Thanksgiving cookies. It was a fun evening of baking, chatting, laughing, and making some interesting turkey cookies.

Brody was unimpressed with mom taking a Thanksgiving picture.

AJ is learning how to write friendly letters in second grade. Brody got this letter in the mail the other day. Hilarious.

I started Christmas cards the other night while watching You've Got Mail. Love that movie! And Christmas cards!!!

Those curls and that toothless smile. That girl has my number. Seriously if she asked me for a pony I'd figure out how to get her one.

New jams make me happy.

Pandora. 90's pop station. Best music ever.

Matching Christmas pj's for the whole family.

Oh but I did.

And it's awesome.

He's cute.

But potty training sucks.

Nough said.