Sunday, August 24, 2014


I am loving helping Abby with homework in the afternoons.

She is excited to learn to read and works really hard to have nice handwriting. Sweet girl.

Brody turns 3 next month!

Party prep for the boy that loves tractors has begun.

AJ had a scary allergic reaction to gummy Flinstones vitamins last Friday.

Glad that is over.

Love me an iced chai and fun nails.

The kiddos enjoyed all the tasty treats and inflatables at the Young Life community party last weekend. What kid wouldn't?!

I kept hearing ummmmmm ummmmmm ummmmmmm the other day.

Abby was trying to find her inner peace.


Pre-eye appointment ice cream.

Cotton candy ice cream with snickers, marshmallows and gummy worms.

Our little man is getting glasses.

I'm always excited for school picture day...


This little guy is starting to fall in love with trains.

I signed up to bring 4 cakes to the fall festival but didn't really want to bake. Pinterest to the rescue.

What did we do before Pinterest?!

We probably didn't suffer nearly as many severe burns from our hot glue guns. Mother of pearl that blister hurt. An emergency trip to Walgreens for burn cream was in order.

I got AJ's back to school pictures from Sharon Arnoldi this week!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever was the book that ignited AJ's passion for reading. The first book we lost him to for hours on end. The book that made him want to read the entire series and more.

I'm so glad Sharon captured that magic!

Next week in teddy bear week in Kindergarten.

Abby made her bear a fairy ballerina.

Those wings. Wow.

I had a splitting headache from a lovely head cold this week, but one my most favorite people in whole world made it better with this surprise chai.

Seriously made this girl's day.

I love seeing these two playing together.

They totally understand each other's appreciation for dirt and rocks.

And these are pure entertainment to watch. They just play and play and play together.


Abby came downstairs dressed like this the other day. Oh girl. You are something.

We had a crazy fun weekend!

Can't wait to share the next round of Instagrams!

Have a fabulous week!

Friday, August 15, 2014


Hello friends.

I'm loving getting back into a groove and having a school routine. I feel so much more productive when we have structure.

We decided to convert my sewing room into a room for AJ so that he has his own space. He never complained, but I know it was hard having his younger siblings tear up his Lego creations or his sketches he spent hours working on. He deserved a place where he could go read quietly and his stuff was safe from destruction. He is loving it, and I'm so happy he has it!

I'm so in love with Jamberry nail wraps! I'm always a sucker for a fun pattern and love having fun nails!

Mass with three kids can sometimes be rough. Last Sunday was particularly difficult. #mamaneededadrinkafterward

The beauty of my roses never cease to amaze me. I love how full and bright they are. They make me happy every time I come and go.

Caramel dip and apples bring back fall for me. Yummo. So looking forward to fall this year!

Abby was over the moon to meet Anna and Elsa at local toy store this week. It was pretty cute how in awe she was.

We did a family practice ride to school to make sure AJ was ready for his first ride on his new bike this school year. I love getting out for family bike rides. Even if I can't sit for two days afterward. #ineedtoinvestinpaddedbikeshorts

Abby was super excited and a little nervous to start Kindergarten this year! Her teacher gave her Ready Confetti to put under her pillow the night before the first day of school. She was so proud and excited to sprinkle that confetti under her pillow. Love that girl up!

I can't believe my AJ is a 2nd grader! He still loves to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and doing math.
He loves riding his bike to school with his friend Charlie whenever he gets the chance, and I love that he gets to do it!

Abby started Kindergarten!!! She is loving it! Whew. We were not sure how this was going to go.

She insisted on getting a roller backpack. Watching her maneuver that gigantic thing around is spectacular.

Sending this girl to school is so different than sending AJ was. With AJ I worried that my sensitive boy would get his feelings hurt by other kids. With Abby I worry if she will follow directions and keep her attitude reigned in. How can two kids from the same parents be so very different?

AJ had his first play practice this week! He has been working really hard on memorizing his lines and all the songs. I'm so amazed by that boy.

Oh Brody. Watching you eat can melt away a bad day.

All week, every morning Brody wanders around the house asking, "Where's Abby?" Then he asks, "Go get her now?" about 20 times.
Today we brought me this picture and said, "For Abby Cat."
He made sure to bring it with him when we loaded up to go get her from school, and proudly presented it to her when she came out of the building.
#meltmyheart #thisboyLOVEShisbigsister
Abby requested a Jamberry nail party with her BFF after school Thursday, and who can say no to that?! I love being girly girls with good friends. It's good for the soul.

Have an awesome weekend.


Friday, August 8, 2014

Back To School Insta-Friday

Whew. These last two weeks blurred together.

Leading a Young Life Capernaum group has been one of the most rewarding experiences this summer. Our bible study discussions have left me feeling so invigorated and joyful with life. These are good kids loving Jesus and often teaching me more than I teach them. It's refreshing!

We went back to school shoes shopping. I always loved getting my new shoes for the school year as a kid. Abby and Brody went for the light up shoes and AJ wanted lace up Nikes with blue on them.

I still remember getting my favorite Nikes one year with a purple swoosh on them. I always wonder what memories will stick in our kids' heads. Will AJ remember these shoes like I remember my purple swoosh Nikes?

We got AJ's back to school hair cut.
I met up with teacher friends and had strawberry swirl margarita one night! I love that we stay in touch!

We got a sitter one night for bible study and snuck out early enough to have a quick Starbucks date! So fun! Love that man! And his new scruff!

We finally put up some family pics with a gallery wall. I've been over thinking it for so long, that we just did it real fast late one night to get it done. The thermostat and alarm panel are a big pain right smack in the middle of the hallway wall. What the heck?! So we just framed them into the gallery. #whatever We may move things around, but at least the pics aren't hiding in boxes any more.

I wore my fave crazy dress shoes with a new MJ dress to church last Sunday! So fun and sassy! Hopefully people noticed my shoes more than my misbehaving children all throughout mass...

My friend and I hosted a Back To School MJ trunk show Sunday afternoon. I love setting up for a party! And I love anything with a theme! And I'm head over heels in love with all things Matilda Jane!

It was fabulous!

We chatted and ate cake balls and drank strawberry wine and tried on clothes. It was a charming afternoon.

Abby certainly likes what she likes and has absolutely no interest in appeasing others when it comes to her style. She is all about comfort. I guess I can't blame her for that.

Some mornings need all the help they can get, and this morning hating mama is trying to transition back into early school mornings. It's rough. But this makes it a little easier.

We wrapped up school supplies shopping this week. I love new school supplies. So colorful and untouched and fresh. Glitter glue pens?! What are they thinking?!

I finally realized Abby is super nervous to start Kindergarten. This threw me for a loop. One day she would be super excited, then the next day she would be refusing to go.

As she had a death grip on my hand when we walked into the school with tears in her eyes and asking one "what if" question after another, I realized she was a nervous wreck.

Pray this year goes well. I'm kinda holding my breath. She is a sweet girl, but she has my edge to her.

I've been trying to walk in the evenings. I love when I get out there. It's so refreshing and rewarding.
I was vacuuming Thursday morning when Brody walks up, hands me this empty bottle, and says, "All gone. Candy all gone mom."
Me, "Huh? What are you holding?"
Realization hits, panic creeps in, freak out starts to unfold...
Poison Control assured me he would be fine. Probably have diarrhea, but be fine.