Tuesday, June 21, 2016

And Just Like That It Was May

We spent weeks nurturing our little seedlings. Watering them and loving them.

Brody especially loved taking care of them.
This little guy was over the moon for his water day at school. Especially after all the snow this spring.

Abby had her USA program in 1st grade. This was my favorite page in her book. She picked the most important person in history to honor. Love that dove above the church doors.

Spring thunderstorm with the windows open and hot tea. The best.

Love this Mommy & Me photo session. These guys have my heart.

Brody's Mother's Day gift came with this awesome page. That kid looked forward to the sensory table every day. So loving me more than the sensory table is quite the honor.

Garden soil prep! It was a little chilly, but we worked up a sweat.

So looking forward to a summer of gardening.

Such cute garden helpers!

We got chicks!!! Fingers crossed they are all hens and no roosters.

I have thought about getting chickens forever. After losing Latte to old age this year, I was heart broken & needed something to love & nuture so chicks it is!

They are Poppy, Daisy Mae, Polly Ann, & Marigold!

We love them so much!

Daisy Mae loves to look at herself in the mirror! So funny!
Poppy likes to sit up on top of the food container. hehehe

We had our AHG end of the year badge ceremony. I went with a growing theme this year!

Had fun making Ab star hair for the badge ceremony.

This guy was all smiles after his hair cut.

I brought Subway & had lunch with AJ at school the last week of the school year. It was fun to see him during the day.

Abby requested Chick-fil-A for her lunch at school.

Field Day was fun. Abby always includes her buddy Brody in everything she does. She has a big heart that one.

We got the garden planted!

My garden helper carried our tomato cages at Home Depot. This boy wants to be a farmer when he grows up and is getting in some good gardening skills at a young age. Love his passion for all things country.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Oh April in Colorado

I love listening to TED talks. I'm kinda addicted to them.

Brené Browns' Power of vulnerability is my favorite one so far.

I listen to them while I walk on the treadmill which makes the walking on the treadmill part suck less.

& I'm getting used to drinking more water, but it's not my favorite.

Seriously the spring snow this year just went on and on and on. It was depressing. I was over the snow gear every morning. But the kids were excited to have their sledding season extended.

Went to the community garden meeting! It was super fun to be around other gardeners! The meeting made me realize I have no idea exactly how much I really do not know about gardening. Ha! But I'm ambitious & determined & got to go home with some free gardening loot...which was exciting & inspiring!
It's such a treat to get to indulge in a new issue of Southern Living, & a strawberry cake on the cover is always a good sign for this strawberry loving mama,

This boy was soooo excited about his Brody plant from preschool. Seriously some grass seed & his photo. It's the little things in life.

Waking up slowly...snuggled into old quilts, with some coffee, breakfast & journaling time is the most peaceful, calming way to start a Saturday. We need to make time to slow down and just take in our blessings more often. I think we would all be more content.

We were in charge of helping with food for our bible study, and went with a Classic BBQ theme! I loved everything about it! I loved that one of my BFF's so got into the theme with us...suppling watermelon, sunflowers, ice cream sandwiches, & a gingham table cloth! I loved having deviled eggs & Andy's smoked brisket! I love that we have such a loving bible study group!

Brody tells me all the time that his preschool is by the Eiffel Tower...

Watering and caring for my roses is one of my most favorite things to do. So happy when the snow goes away & I get my rose time!

I sooooo look forward to Bath & Body Works new seasonal scents with every season change. This lavender & spring apricot smells amazing!!!

I stopped in a local thrift store just to see if they had anything fun & vintagey one day & hit the jackpot! That nursery rhyme plate is already at home on my wall with my vintage plate collection. The gingham apron hangs in my kitchen. The jars with gingham kids are just begging for homemade strawberry jam this summer & that yellow sheet to be made into a tent in the backyard for summer reading! Oh and the chicken table cloth...well it was destined to be mine.

A good friend let me borrow her spiralizer one day, & I made zoodles for dinner....zucchini cut into spiral noodles! Soooo crazy fun! Love finding new summer meal ideas!

This was another cold, rainy, snowy April day inside putting together puzzles & playing games. Love our sweet quiet days together when the big kids are at school.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Father Daughter Dance 2016

This little girl loves her daddy something fierce. So getting to spend an evening together just the two of them is a magical, enchanting evening. She loves fancy events, getting dressed up, getting a corsage, going to dinner...absolutely everything about the night. And this year the Father Daughter Dance was a Paris theme...could it get any more Abby than that?!

She is also a creature of habit like her mama. Just like last year she requested a hair style like Belle. Which is hard to do with her fine, thin hair...but it turned out simply beautiful.

It's a tradition that Andy gift her with something special to wear the night of the dance. This year he gave her these gorgeous pink hair combs.

We painted her nails a soft pink and added a glitter top coat. She wanted the ribbons from her gift tied onto her wrist. And she wore a fancy dress gifted by a neighbor! Definitely a sentimental gal through and through.
And just like last year, she requested to go to dinner at Noodles for Mac 'n cheese and fancy soda (vanilla root beer).

Such a special night.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Mostly Sewing & Gardening

The Easter Bunny brought the kids crystal growing kits. What the hell was the Easter Bunny thinking?! They obsessed over them till we finally did them just so they would stop asking to do them. And these crazies dealing with chemicals was super fun & totally stress free let me tell you. Ha.

The Easter Bunny needs to stick to candy.

After following Honey B Macarons on IG for months, I was finally able to make time to visit her boutique! Such a treat! The orange dreamsicle was my fave, and I've been daydreaming about them every since! The owner is such a sweet, humble lady. The kind of person I want to be so very successful with her dreams.

The last issue of Southern Living was made just for me. From strawberries to chickens to back yard fire pits, it had my heart with every page.

I got a sudden impulse to sew the other night & sewed for 2 days till it was out of my system. I started with wanting to make Ab a simple knot top for her lemonade stand adventures this summer...

But she wanted a dress instead. Can you imagine that dress with her yellow polka dot rain boots?! Be still my yellow, lemon, polka dot, rain boots loving heart!

Then I decided Ab needed a baseball shirt for our summer baseball adventures (Andy & kids watching games...me eating concession stand food) & that I could just whip an Ellie top up by looking at one of her MJ tops. Right. I made it pretty far, but I couldn't figure out how they got the elastic sandwiched in the back with the seams all nice & perfect & encased inside the bodice...so I bought a pattern off etsy at 11pm just to read how the heck they did the back. I could never write patterns...my mind doesn't reverse steps the right way. After reading the pattern, I can honestly say I never would have figured that out just by looking at a shirt. What the what.

It was a learning process. I wish I didn't lose so much of the gingham waist band when sewing the bodice to bottom part, but now I know to make it taller next time. Meh.

Naturally the gingham tie in the back is my favorite part. But I love how it turned out...so classic all-American.

I planted over 350 seeds in pods to go in our garden plot in the community garden! Soooooo excited for our gardening adventures this summer! Can't wait to meet my fellow gardeners next week!

I looked out the window one day just in time to see Brody pee into the back of that Tonka truck right there. Awesome. There are so many things you just don't realize you need to explicitly say to your children. Because what person in their right mind would think to do the things they think to do?!

I was tagged in a post on IG about this book & decided to read it. It was okay. Not life changing. But it does make me think I could write a book. In between PTO, AHG, DI, tutoring, working part time from home, laundry, yelling at my kids not to pee into toys in the back yard I could totally write a book. So many things stirring in my heart.

I planted these seeds on a Sunday, & they sprouted by Tuesday! 2 days. That is so mind blowing to me. That such little, tiny things can transform and burst into life in such a short time when nurtured & given the right conditions. And then grow into something that sustains our life. I should live on a farm for reals. I would thrive at farm living.

These are some seeds Ab planted for her God Is Love book after reading about how God loves us so much he created the world and everything we need to survive in it...like plants. There were evenings when we were pushing to finish that book before her deadline & it felt like just one.more.thing, but I'm so glad we made it a priority amidst the nightly chaos. Because now she has it on her bedside table & looks back to think about the discussions we had from it. And it really sinks in to form part of who she is becoming. So although we hustled to do the readings that day & dumped those seeds in that pot & threw it up in the kitchen window & I felt too tired to even do that...it mattered that we did it.

This boy digging in the dirt every day. Always up for the next outdoor adventure. He told us at the dinner table the other day that he wished he lived in the woods...so he could pee outside. He would have gotten along well with his Uncle James. Both fearless, wild spirits at heart yet sensitive souls. Pee outside. Seriously.

The other night the perfect spring thunderstorm was brewing. Cool air was blowing through the open windows. & it just felt good. To feel the wind. To smell the air before it rains. To snuggle up on the couch under a quilt, in a cozy sweater, with hot tea and pinning beautiful things like wild flowers.

These guys are growing so fast! It's fascinating. Brody asks everyday if they made food he can eat yet. Patience child. Patience.

AJ makes a cup of coffee for his mama every morning & helps make lunches & snacks. Teamwork gets us through the mornings. He says, "Another morning down...only # more mornings to go till summer." This boy totally gets it.

Another spring blizzard. So.ready.for.summer.