Friday, March 28, 2014

Insta-Friday Spring Break Edition


What an awesome week.

Weeks like this make me stop and take in how truly blessed I am.

Blessed with awesome kids. Awesome friends. An awesome husband.

An awesome life.

We kicked off the week with bowling...

Pizza and the arcade...
I sewed a lot this week.
It felt good to stay up all night sewing again.
It's my therapy.
Good for the soul I tell ya.

Ab requested a pink and orange cape with bunnies...


I pulled it off. She was one happy girl.

I sewed 16 ninja masks for one of the most awesome 6 year old's I know.
Andy ironed almost all the 128 edges and 64 straps...
Totally a blog worthy task.
I hate ironing...hate it.
Almost as much as I hate putting gas in my car.
He does that too.

I made my first ever poodle skirt for a friend's daughter's school play.

I love poodle skirts.

I made Girlfriend an outfit out of the fabric she picked out.
Love the back.

We went and saw Mr. Peabody and Sherman with our BFF's.

It was Brody's first movie.

He was pretty much in Heaven with his own tub of popcorn.

He kept getting excited and yelling, "whoa!"

It was the best.

I rocked my new Matilda Jane Capri pants (most.comfortable.things.ever)

and got to wear flip flops.

It felt like spring, and I felt more alive because of it!

We had a photo play date with friends!


Truly if you are local, her work is phenomenal.

Ab is rocking her new Matilda Jane threads.
And now you know why I am head over heels in love with Matilda Jane.
How can anyone resist this stuff?!
We played dress up with this dapper fellow.
Be still my heart.
This boy has my heart in the palm of his hand.
That smile. Those eyes. That blonde hair.

Momma got a new phone. In the cutest color scheme ever.

Because bright happy colors just make me happy.

I got an email for a free Shutterfly book the other day, but it had to be ordered that day.

I needed to take advantage of this awesome deal, but I had to work fast.

So I needed a theme to pull pictures from.

I picked Instagram, but I'm kinda addicted and have thousands of I was pondering a more narrow subject field when the theme popped out at me.


A total story of this momma's life unfolded as I uploaded 54 selfies from the last year.

It's a fun book. It was free.

Take selfies. With your kids. With your sisters. With your friends. Just you.

Those fleeting moments are pretty monumental when all linked together.

I had a girls night of shopping, fries, and frozen custard with my Young Life Capernaum girls.

Young Life is doing life with kids. Teaching them Jesus' love.

It's passion and purpose in good times with good people.

It's powerful.

Brody sharing a snack with a friend.

Love these moments among the loads of laundry and tripping over toys all over the floor.

This is the extent of my crafting with kids over spring break.
And although it was a pretty simple craft, if you have ever painted a small curious toddler's hand with neon know those moments between neon paint covered hand to paper and hand to the sink were tension filled moments.
The irony of. This boy. In this shirt. Is too much for me to handle.
Girlfriend was adamant that she wear her fish hat to the fish fry.
And it just made me smile.
Legit Lent attire right there.


Pretty much rocked.

Love my life. Right here. Right now.


Friday, March 21, 2014


Hello kick off to Spring Break Friday!

Another awesome, fun filled week in Crazytown.

Spring is on the horizon, and I'm already feeling more alive.

I just want to wear sundresses everyday and sew Abby cute outfits and be outside all day and take walks and drink iced vinti chais and look at magazines in my old lady glider while the kids play in the backyard.




On to my week...

Gotta love a church fish fry during Lent.

I'm not kidding. I LOVE it.

Love that the fish doesn't taste like fish, only fried deliciousness.

Love that they serve you fried shrimp out of tiny Dixie cups while you wait in line.

Love that they have cold Dr. Pepper.

Love sitting and eating and talking with a best friend.

Love knowing my kids are running around with church friends.

Just love everything about it.

Our first grade DI team rocked it at their first ever tournament.

Nailed their lines. Nailed their timing. Nailed their expression and enthusiasm.

They presented their little hearts out. And that's what it's all about.

Passion. Responsibility. Teamwork. Dedication.

I'm telling ya, our future is bright with these kids. They are driven.

We celebrated DI with lunch at Red Robin...AJ's choice.

It was a rare meal with both parents and only one kid. A truly special meal.

AJ drank his weight in lemonade.

He was over the moon that day.

It was awesome to see him so content and proud. The world was his oyster.

Wherever this boy goes, he goes with his whole heart.

And that passion is awe-inspiring as a parent to watch unfold.

He is loyal to a tee and die hard DI.

We partied it up that night at the DI party/Awards Ceremony. He let it go and dance his heart out in that gym full of kids.

It was a long, exhausting, fulfilling day.

I met up with another mom over the weekend to put together the classroom silent auction basket. #waywayWAYeasierthanmakingaquilt

It's a fun spa/relaxation themed basket. You know me...I love a good theme. It's valued at over $250. Someone will be a happy bidder.

We had a date night with good friends at The Melting Pot.

This little man got a much needed haircut.



These adorable kids rocked St. Pat's Day.

It's the little things in life.

Like wearing green on a certain day with everyone else.

Corned beef and cabbage for dinner...thanks to Nana and Papa.

I love...I mean l.o.v.e. traditional holiday food. It makes me happy. Like giddy happy. #mylovelanguage

And Papa food is the best. I mean like down home comfort food...better than The Melting Pot...daydream about it kind of best.

Matilda Jane

Be still my heart.

I am head over heels obsessed...I mean in love with Matilda Jane right now.


I am hosting a Matilda Jane trunk show April 5th from 2-4pm.

If you are local stop by. You will be thrilled you did.

If you aren't local and want a piece of pure happiness email me, and I'll hook you up with an order.

It's life changing.

They are the most adorable girls and momma clothing e.v.e.r.

I'm not just saying this. I feel guilty putting people in a position where they feel obligated to buy things. But this...this is sharing pure joy with the world.

Check out

I got to lead a bible study with a group of awesome Young Life friends this week. It was invigorating. Sharing God's love is the most uplifting high anyone can ever experience...unimaginable joy words cannot express...only God can give. #passionandpurposemademanifest

I could write a book of bad ideas Abby and Brody decide to try...or things I never thought I had to explicitly say...

We just got his stitches out and her black eye finally went away...

No, slamming each other into things at raming speed so you fly off the top of the Cozy Coupe is not a good idea!!

Girlfriend lost her first tooth this week.


We have no idea where it is...maybe the floor of AJ's classroom...maybe in her tummy (gross) idea.


Ab and I had a mommy daughter date night this week. We went to a fabric store and she picked out fabric for me to make her an outfit, we indulged at Jamba Juice, and we had a dance party in the mini-van on the way home.

Have an awesome Spring Break!

No fancy trip or agenda here...

We are hanging out with friends, getting up late, eating junk food, watching movies, crafting, playing outside, chilling together, and just taking life in.



Friday, March 14, 2014


Hello friends!

It's an exciting week!

Andy and I coach a first grade Destination Imagination team, and the tournament is this Saturday!!!

DI is basically competitive, creative problem solving.

It's basically awesome.

And basically Crazytown with 10 first graders.

We've been planning, creating, and practicing all semester for this day.

It's kinda a big deal.

Extra practices, costume adjustments, prop repairs, and lots of emails this week.

It's kinda a big deal.

The team's Central Challenge was to create a three act circus that will be preformed in front of an audience and team of Appraisers at the tournament.

We are the third circus to present out of 26 teams.

They will also do an Instant Challenge where they are given a scenario, 4-6 minutes to prepare, and then present a 2-3 minute performance to a team of Appraisers. They have no idea what this Instant Challenge will be.

This group of kiddos impresses me every week with their leadership, unique approaches to situations, manners, excitement to conquer the next challenge, dedication to do their best, and drive to succeed.

These kids are going to go places in this world and do awesome things.

To celebrate all their hard work I made cookies this week.

I thought it would be cool of they had the name of our circus on them.
So they are gigantic.
I don't think the kids will mind.
I am so crazy proud of these kids.
Saturday is going to be awesome.
Good kids. Hard work. Their time to shine.
They got this.
I believe in them.

DI pretty much consumed my whole brain this week, but I did have time to throw together a little St. Pat's Day gift for AJ's teacher.

Have an fabulous weekend!

I'm going to!

Friday, March 7, 2014


It's been a rough week.

I started out making these adorable burp cloths for a friend.

So girly and fun.

Then Brody fell off a step stool onto a toy medal tool box and cut his cheek and nose.

It was bad.

I almost passed out.

We loaded everyone up, dropped Ab and AJ with good friends and headed to the hospital.

They put him under and he ended up with stitches, an antibiotic, and ointment...and 4 hours later we were on our way home.

He was back to his happy self running around like crazy the next day.

Then Monday I got a call from the school that Abby got a head injury at recess. She ended up with quite a shiner.

We got her first Matilda Jane outfit from a trunk show! I'm in love!

We indulged on Fat Tuesday.

I gave up make-up for lent this year. It's a very humbling experience with these invisible blonde eye lashes.

And I'm fighting a hellacious head cold.

But Thursday afternoon I headed up to the mountains for a much needed girls weekend.

Thank goodness!