Friday, March 14, 2014


Hello friends!

It's an exciting week!

Andy and I coach a first grade Destination Imagination team, and the tournament is this Saturday!!!

DI is basically competitive, creative problem solving.

It's basically awesome.

And basically Crazytown with 10 first graders.

We've been planning, creating, and practicing all semester for this day.

It's kinda a big deal.

Extra practices, costume adjustments, prop repairs, and lots of emails this week.

It's kinda a big deal.

The team's Central Challenge was to create a three act circus that will be preformed in front of an audience and team of Appraisers at the tournament.

We are the third circus to present out of 26 teams.

They will also do an Instant Challenge where they are given a scenario, 4-6 minutes to prepare, and then present a 2-3 minute performance to a team of Appraisers. They have no idea what this Instant Challenge will be.

This group of kiddos impresses me every week with their leadership, unique approaches to situations, manners, excitement to conquer the next challenge, dedication to do their best, and drive to succeed.

These kids are going to go places in this world and do awesome things.

To celebrate all their hard work I made cookies this week.

I thought it would be cool of they had the name of our circus on them.
So they are gigantic.
I don't think the kids will mind.
I am so crazy proud of these kids.
Saturday is going to be awesome.
Good kids. Hard work. Their time to shine.
They got this.
I believe in them.

DI pretty much consumed my whole brain this week, but I did have time to throw together a little St. Pat's Day gift for AJ's teacher.

Have an fabulous weekend!

I'm going to!