Monday, January 30, 2012

A Tangled Birthday Party

Girlfriend turns 3 today, although she will tell you she is turning 5.

She requested a Tangled party, so a Tangled party is what she got.

I once said I would never do another birthday party at my house...
but after scarpbooking the pictures from that said party my heart melted...
and I decided I want my kids to grow up with memories of laughing with friends
at their birthday parties in the house they grew up in. I want them to be in awe as they walk into a decorated dining room, and feel special with themed festivities in their living room and back yard. It just feels authentic.

Because the day that they arrived in the world is a pretty spectacular day,
and should feel like it to them.
Don't ya think?!

We started the day with getting Girlfriend's hair done at a kids' salon.

I know.
I'm not going to deny it.
We spoil her.
But how can you not give the world to your kids?!
Her joy brings me joy.
We decorated with sunshine banners.
So easy, just some die cut suns, pennants, and ribbon.
We made paper lanterns at the party.
As the kiddos arrived, the parents chatted while the little ones ate jello boat cups.
Abby and AJ were over the moon to help me make blue jello the day before the party.
So simple, but simply magical to the five and under crowd.
I printed Wanted signs from here.
We painted.
I found the little easels and canvases on clearance at Michael's.
They were perfect!
We made Pascal party blowers.
We decorated crowns with jewels.
We played "Catch Pascal".
The kiddos were crazy excited to keep their lizards.
I painted a tower, added some ivy, and a braid for pictures.
This was
And of course, we had cup cakes with neon pink frosting.

As a thank you, each guest got to take home a set of water color paints.

Abby squealed with excitement all day.
Making every part worth it.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Insta Friday


Hello party weekend!
Saturday Tangled friend party.
Sunday family party.
Monday cupcakes for school party.

That crazy little Girlfriend is loved.

life rearranged

Self portrait for the week.
Girlfriend managed to get her tinted chap stick...all over her face...
all over her new clothes...all over the van...
Last week Girlfriend drew ALL over our couch with an ink pen while I was making those yummy cake batter rice krispie treats.

She cannot be trusted.

So we got a new couch and love seat.
New furniture was long overdue...Abby just made sure it happened sooner rather than later.
Thanks Abby. It kinda worked out great.
Andy took the kids to Sam's Club for baby formula.
And they came home with this.
34 quarts.
Of bright red Tropical Punch non the less.
He also picked up these lovely little sugar balls of evil for breakfast.
He leaves me with 34 quarts of Kool-Aid, doughnut holes and two already hyper active children when he goes to work.
All I can say is...
Paybacks are hell, Honey. Hell.
One of my most favorite people in the entire world came by for a visit this week!
It was so refreshing to see her again.'ve.ever.seen!
I love it when you see someone you haven't seen in years, and you pick up like it was just yesterday that you were getting your belly button pierced in college at some seedy tattoo parlor.
Ha! Those were they days.
Now we both drive mini-vans and cherish chasing our kids around all day.
I love ya' Dooner.
Birthday party preparations have continued throughout the week.
I made a yummy chicken gnocchi soup this week.
And AJ lost a tooth!
I love how proud and excited he is in this picture.

Let the wild rumpus begin!

Rice Cereal

I love this milestone.
It truly is one of my most favorite parts of raising my bambinos.

It is kinda bittersweet though.
My little guy isn't a newborn anymore.

He's really taking the world in now.
Starting to get a little opinionated.
And starting to voice that opinion.
His little personality is starting to really shine through.
And I'm trying to soak in him being a baby before I blink and
he's climbing ladders like Abby or building Lego sets like AJ.
Because raising kids does funny things to time...
sometimes time travels at warp speed like when register your first born for kindergarten, yet it just feels like yesterday that you were bringing him home from the hospital...
other times three minutes can feel like eternity like when your two year old is throwing a tantrum at the grocery store or when you're sitting in the waiting room of the emergency room with a toddler that just ingested toxic flower seeds...

other times it simply stands still, transcending chronological time where a fleeting moment makes you feel the deepest inner peace and harmony as you take in the perfection of your blessings. Like when you kiss your kiddos goodnight and pause to just listen to their breathing...or when one spontaneously holds the other one's hand walking into preschool...or when one thanks God for their siblings before they curl up under the covers...or when they crinkle their nose and smile with all their might as you greet them over the side of their crib first thing in the morning. Times when you feel like you have done something right.
It is simply magical.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Insta Friday

Here we are again.

What a week.

life rearranged

I'm always looking for yummy, easy dinner recipes.
And this week I found a new one!
Not kidding.
I whipped up a little shirt for my nephew, Vincent,
who is turning one in February! One. Where did that year go?!
We ventured out to the museum this week.
As we were walking in Abby promised me she would not climb on any dinosaurs.
Ok. Good. Let's stay off the dinosaurs you little crazy.

As we were walking out AJ said his favorite part was eating lunch there, and
Abby said her favorite part of riding the elevator.
Really children?!
We could do those things at Ikea, and I just paid $65 for a membership to the museum.
Sopaipillas at The Rio.
I made homemade foaming soap this week!
So easy. So cheap.
I just peeled off the sticker on a Bath & Body Works foaming soap container...
put one tablespoon of liquid hand soap in the container...
& filled it the rest of the way up with water, leaving a little space at the top for the foaming action.

One tablespoon of liquid soap! & they charge $5.50 per bottle!
Girlfriend and I painted our nails...
But my nails didn't fair so well after I had the whole drive the van into the side of the garage...
then buff the paint from the house off the van situation.
Apparently I don't need to gun it up an icy driveway to drive the van into the side of house...
just a little depth perception problem does the trick.
So if you're a neighbor and were wondering why I was washing the van in freeze your butt off you know.
It was a great day.
Girlfriend's party preparations have begun!
AJ requested homemade lasagna for the dinner the other night...
this is what he got:
I resigned.
I am no longer a teacher taking one year off.
I am officially a stay-at-home mama.
I am officially not a teacher.
The paperwork has been submitted.
In celebration I made cake batter rice krispie treats.
We are on our third power cord.
At $85 a pop, that is $255 in power cords.
Seriously children?!
What do you do to these things?!
I'm going to guard this one with my life.
We got a very basic elliptical off craig's list for $90.
It is kicking my butt.
Brody is still as happy as can be.

And that's enough excitement for one week.
At least for me.