Monday, January 30, 2012

A Tangled Birthday Party

Girlfriend turns 3 today, although she will tell you she is turning 5.

She requested a Tangled party, so a Tangled party is what she got.

I once said I would never do another birthday party at my house...
but after scarpbooking the pictures from that said party my heart melted...
and I decided I want my kids to grow up with memories of laughing with friends
at their birthday parties in the house they grew up in. I want them to be in awe as they walk into a decorated dining room, and feel special with themed festivities in their living room and back yard. It just feels authentic.

Because the day that they arrived in the world is a pretty spectacular day,
and should feel like it to them.
Don't ya think?!

We started the day with getting Girlfriend's hair done at a kids' salon.

I know.
I'm not going to deny it.
We spoil her.
But how can you not give the world to your kids?!
Her joy brings me joy.
We decorated with sunshine banners.
So easy, just some die cut suns, pennants, and ribbon.
We made paper lanterns at the party.
As the kiddos arrived, the parents chatted while the little ones ate jello boat cups.
Abby and AJ were over the moon to help me make blue jello the day before the party.
So simple, but simply magical to the five and under crowd.
I printed Wanted signs from here.
We painted.
I found the little easels and canvases on clearance at Michael's.
They were perfect!
We made Pascal party blowers.
We decorated crowns with jewels.
We played "Catch Pascal".
The kiddos were crazy excited to keep their lizards.
I painted a tower, added some ivy, and a braid for pictures.
This was
And of course, we had cup cakes with neon pink frosting.

As a thank you, each guest got to take home a set of water color paints.

Abby squealed with excitement all day.
Making every part worth it.


lil' mama said...

"Liz" has not left Charlie's side. He sleeps with it gripped in the palm of his hand. Super fun party. Love all the attention to details. I need to hire you for the boys parties :)

Anonymous said...

Chance, you are amazing! I want to have a tangled theme for my next birthday! My favorite was the boat cups. I'm supposed to be coordinating Mary's valentines party for school- any ideas?!? Because you rock!
PS Thanks for being such a fun and gracious host last week! Hopefully it won't be so long until I see you again!

SaraColorado said...

What a fun birthday party! Your ideas are wonderful and SO SO CUTE! I love the braid on the castle!! What a nice. Mommy! I'm sure my kids would love to have you do their parties. ;)