Friday, January 6, 2012

Insta Friday

We are settling back into the normal swing of things.
Thank Goodness.
This mama needs some routine to rein these wild ones in.

life rearranged

With a couple warm afternoons,
we were able to get out and let Girlfriend try out that new scooter from Nana and Papa.
Brody was snuggled up in the Moby and AJ and Abby let out some of that pent up energy.
It was lovely.

Until Abby decided she was done and just rode off on that scooter.
You always think they will only go so far and come back...
then you run like hell to catch up with them when they don't.
That's a different kind of lovely.
We celebrated New Years with the wildest people I know.
But they were in bed by 8pm.

So I read into the new year.
It was the good kind of lovely.
Rock hunting.
At this rate the entire perimeter of my back yard will be in AJ's room by Valentine's Day.
Who knew the builders blessed us with lava and space rocks
when they landscaped our back yard?
OPI's Muppet's Line: Divine Swine
It's quite divine indeed.
And this boy's smile makes everything in the universe right.
Have a fabulous weekend!


Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day said...

I'm so excited to be back to normal. Bring it on!

I think I need that nail polish.

Happy New Year!

Jodi@ said...

nail polish inspired by the Muppets?? Yes please!! ;o)

your kiddos are SUPER cute!!!

Happy New Year!