Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rice Cereal

I love this milestone.
It truly is one of my most favorite parts of raising my bambinos.

It is kinda bittersweet though.
My little guy isn't a newborn anymore.

He's really taking the world in now.
Starting to get a little opinionated.
And starting to voice that opinion.
His little personality is starting to really shine through.
And I'm trying to soak in him being a baby before I blink and
he's climbing ladders like Abby or building Lego sets like AJ.
Because raising kids does funny things to time...
sometimes time travels at warp speed like when register your first born for kindergarten, yet it just feels like yesterday that you were bringing him home from the hospital...
other times three minutes can feel like eternity like when your two year old is throwing a tantrum at the grocery store or when you're sitting in the waiting room of the emergency room with a toddler that just ingested toxic flower seeds...

other times it simply stands still, transcending chronological time where a fleeting moment makes you feel the deepest inner peace and harmony as you take in the perfection of your blessings. Like when you kiss your kiddos goodnight and pause to just listen to their breathing...or when one spontaneously holds the other one's hand walking into preschool...or when one thanks God for their siblings before they curl up under the covers...or when they crinkle their nose and smile with all their might as you greet them over the side of their crib first thing in the morning. Times when you feel like you have done something right.
It is simply magical.