Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Words For 2012

Some people pick one word on the dawn of a new year.
A word to inspire them.
Guide them.
A word that encompasses how they want to live their life over the next 365 days.

A catalyst for ambitions going into a new year.
An invisible, abstract idea that drives their actions,
grounds them,
helps them focus, re-focus, meditate and reflect as they go through the year.

I tried.

But one word is not enough to truly encompass how I
want to take hold and start living my life
as a better mom,
a better wife,
a better friend,
a better sister,
a better neighbor,
a better person.

I actually came up with a crazy long post paragraphs long.
Too long in fact.
I edited, revised, totally rewrote, and in the end deleted that post.

It was too...
well too wordy.

My little sister, one of my closest friends that knows me better than anyone in the world
sent me this one time,

and said if I had a manifesto
this would be it:

There is so much truth in those simple black words.
They are the kind of obvious truths that you know are lingering in the background
of your fast paced life...
that slowly sneak up on you, then slap you in the face.

Or at least that happened to me last January when I was stressed to the max
and looked down to find a positive pregnancy test...
and decided to take the leap of faith I was always afraid to take
and become a stay-at-home mom.

So in the end, with this manifesto in the back of my mind
and all its truth in my heart...
I came up with a list of my words for 2012.

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