Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Totally Random Catch Up

These pics are totally unrelated. But I don't want these moments I grouped them into a catch up post.

One day the big kids didn't have school, but Brody Bear we went to the library and to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. We love that place. They were over the moon and ate everything they put on their plates. It was a special time we rarely get...just us. I love that they love and appreciate the little things in life like new library books and a soup & salad bar.

Andy put up the rest of my fave bloom frames! Love these bright, fun colors! Having our photos everywhere makes my heart so happy. I'm such a collector of wall photo this Instagram...I just love reliving moments in retrospect.

We are a game family. We love card games and board games. I love that the kiddos are getting old enough to really get into games with us! We just got Wackee Six! Fun game with a group!

We play Five Crowns a lot. It's a fave for Andy and I after the kids go to bed.

And Settlers of Catan is an all-time fave! Cities & Knights gets a lot of play time in the evenings!

Totally random. We decided to groom Latte ourselves. We figured it couldn't be that hard. We watched You Tube videos...

Poor Latte. He was pretty ashamed to be seen by his dog friends.

But I figure it will be easier next time.

Now we are caught up to Fall Break!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Is Here!!!

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year!
I feel more alive when the air gets crisp in the fall!
I love all things pumpkin flavored, sweaters, scarves, tall boots...
I love cozy fall decorations and candles!
Trips to the store usually result in purchases like this...
And I am darn right giddy about it!
The Bronco gear comes out!
Not that I care one hoot about football. But man I love dressing up for Spirit Days!
I get to snuggle up in pumpkin pj pants and orange hoodie!
We buy an excessive amount of pumpkins!
We buy supplies for our first neighborhood pumpkin painting partay!
And have crazy amounts of fun painting!
It was totally awesome how quiet it got when everyone started concentrating on painting their pumpkins. It lasted about 5 minutes. Ha.
So in love with Ab's pumpkin.
Scarf weather is my favorite weather.
Totally went on a quest for a denim shirt like Joanna Gaines. I want her life.
Got some new tall boots after I wore mine till they fell apart. These are really tall. Higher than my knees tall. Kinda feel weird wearing them at preschool drop off and pick up. And I try not to think Julia Roberts walking through that hotel lobby in Pretty Woman.
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin glitter lip gloss.... ummmmmmm YES!
Got that amazing, fabulous little fall nugget on a date night with Mr. Capricious. It was the best night wandering the mall like we were young & kid free, sipping on was dreamy.
Fall means awesome long sleeve cat sweatshirts for Abby.
At least she can get her cat lady out in her appeal.
Halloween Oreos and Jack O Lantern game nights! Holla!
Girlfriend loves pumpkin pie. And cats. But I'm down with making pumpkin pie. We killed that pie. It vanished like it never existed. No.crumbs.left.
I think the fact that our tree out front bursts into yellow every fall is the best!
Finally got around to Ab's Halloween costume again. Can I just say that I hate cutting out patterns. Seriously, it's the worst part. It feels like a major accomplishment to just get this far. And I usually have to walk away for a couple days before I can regroup and start my project again.
But I did and finished Girlfriend's Dorothy dress...and she loves it. So it was totally worth cursing my way through the pattern.
And the best part was getting her ruby red glitter shoes!
3 out of 5 costumes down!
Whoop! Whoop!
Changed out my fall decor for Halloween decor! Just behind on blogging so they ended up in the same post.
Love black, orange & purple together!
Halloween is the best!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Brody Turned 4

Brody Bear is my boy that loves all things rough and tumble.

My kiddo that gravitates toward dirt and cannot pass up a sandbox.

My only kiddo to ever get stitches...3 times.

He loves food, snuggling, minions, tools, and has an avid love for tractors.

He wants to be a daddy when he grows up. He is best friends with his big sister. He wakes up slow like his mama, but always flashes a smile and greets me with a, "Good morning Sunshine" and big 'ol squeeze around the neck good morning hug!

He asked for a rug for his room for his birthday and picked out underwear at Target when he got to choose his own gift.

He asked to make a tractor cake with Oreos as dirt and sprinkles for his cake.

He is all boy with a big heart.

He recently declared that he needed a green room like a tractor...

Which I'm not gonna lie terrified this mama.

Imagine John Deere green walls. Oh Brody.

We went with Zircon grey on top to balance out the tractor colors on bottom.

And added a little map project to his shelves to balance the room out a bit.

In the end I was pretty much in love with how this totally Brody room turned out...John Deere green and all.

Happy Birthday Brody Bear!