Saturday, January 14, 2012


My wonderful lil sistah made me some fabulous prints for Christmas.
I love her.
I love prints.
I love that she makes me prints.

I decided to try the cute fabric in the embroidery hoop thing with this one.
Embroidery hoops are like $1.50 to $2 at Michael's, and we all know my love for fabric.
Those little hoops might start appearing everywhere in my house.
This one might be my favorite one.
Ha! This one greets you when you walk in the door.
It's like a little disclaimer.
And this one is perfect in my sewing room.
Thanks soul sistah.

You're pretty cool.
You must have had an excellent role model growing up.


party of four. said...

Do you know how she made these? I love them!

jessieg said...

Thanks sistah! I love that I have something to make you since you make me so many wonderful things. This was really nothing, but it melts my heart to big puddle to see you gush about them. I so proud. And yes, the best role model evah!

jessieg said...

Oh, and I'll put them on my blog for others to download. They're 8.5"x11" (my foggy mama brain thought that was the 8x10 size, but nope, that's standard paper.) Sill me!

Jade said...

I love the prints!! We have them everywhere around the house and in my office at school! I love the Carpe Diem one...haha!!! I am going to say that to myself or outloud after I finish my 28 checkpoints and conference notes!!