Thursday, January 26, 2012

Insta Friday


Hello party weekend!
Saturday Tangled friend party.
Sunday family party.
Monday cupcakes for school party.

That crazy little Girlfriend is loved.

life rearranged

Self portrait for the week.
Girlfriend managed to get her tinted chap stick...all over her face...
all over her new clothes...all over the van...
Last week Girlfriend drew ALL over our couch with an ink pen while I was making those yummy cake batter rice krispie treats.

She cannot be trusted.

So we got a new couch and love seat.
New furniture was long overdue...Abby just made sure it happened sooner rather than later.
Thanks Abby. It kinda worked out great.
Andy took the kids to Sam's Club for baby formula.
And they came home with this.
34 quarts.
Of bright red Tropical Punch non the less.
He also picked up these lovely little sugar balls of evil for breakfast.
He leaves me with 34 quarts of Kool-Aid, doughnut holes and two already hyper active children when he goes to work.
All I can say is...
Paybacks are hell, Honey. Hell.
One of my most favorite people in the entire world came by for a visit this week!
It was so refreshing to see her again.'ve.ever.seen!
I love it when you see someone you haven't seen in years, and you pick up like it was just yesterday that you were getting your belly button pierced in college at some seedy tattoo parlor.
Ha! Those were they days.
Now we both drive mini-vans and cherish chasing our kids around all day.
I love ya' Dooner.
Birthday party preparations have continued throughout the week.
I made a yummy chicken gnocchi soup this week.
And AJ lost a tooth!
I love how proud and excited he is in this picture.

Let the wild rumpus begin!


Holly said...

Hahah I love the Chapstick face, and the donut holes look pretty good too!

SaraColorado said...

That gnocchi soup sounds great! I may have to try that. Go Chance--cooking dinner!!