Monday, February 6, 2012

Insta Again

Man, some weeks are like a whirlwind.
Where you don't even realize you've been holding your breath,
till you exhale a sigh of exhaustion and fall onto the couch.

Nothing like 3 sick kids to wear this momma out.

I finally tried out my new bread maker I got for Christmas.
Seriously, if I had to choose only one food to survive on the rest of my life
warm, fresh bread would be it.
Andy made Belgian waffles with blueberry syrup for breakfast last weekend with our farmhouse waffle maker...
because waffles are just more fun in the shape of cows, chickens, and barns.
This little guy is grabbing toys and playing now.
He plays till he is just all tuckered out.
I love it when they just fall asleep right where they are at.
I couldn't resist capturing this moment.
She is such a multi-tasker.
I crammed Abby into her birthday apron dress as a shirt one last year
on the day she brought cupcakes to her class.
I love that when they outgrow it as a dress, they can still wear it as a shirt!
I feel so blessed to get to participate in a busy bag swap this week!
There are so many fabulous ideas out there, I had a hard time deciding what to make.
I finally decided I needed to sew something because sewing is what I do...
and if you are going to get a busy bag from me it should be sewn.
This is how I think in my crazy head.

So I Spy bags it was!
They are super simple and really cheap to make.
I had most of the items around the house.
I bought the crayon key chains, dinosaurs, clear vinyl, and plastic craft pellets.
The crayon key chains were $2 and dinosaurs $3 at US Constructive Playthings.
I put the plastic crayon in the bag and used the rings off the key chain part to connect the picture to the bag with ribbon I already had.
The clear vinyl is $3 a yard at Joanns.
One yard of fleece was $3 at Joanns with a coupon.
The plastic craft pellets are $9 at Michaels, but only like $5.50 with a coupon.
I have a laminator machine.
The pics where 13 cent each to print.
I made 12 that's like $1.51 each.

We got over two feet of snow this week.
But it did make for some great sledding action.
I threw my BFF a 30th birthday party!
I made Drunken Gummy Bears for the big event.
Here we are after a few of those said Gummy Bears.