Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I love journals.
I love everything about them.

I love that they capture and preserve your emotions and beliefs forever.
I love that they are a window into your soul, a legacy safely kept...waiting to be reopened.
I love that they bring you back to a time in the past.
I believe that you can never have too many journals.
I believe that there are no rules to journaling.
No expectations.
Any small amount on a page is a gift.
Sometimes I write actual journal entries reflecting on that time in my life.
Sometimes I record my favorite quotes or quotes that speak to me for some reason.
Sometimes I just list silly things.
Sometimes I write poems.

Sometimes I don't write in them for a year.

But I always go back and read them.
Some of my journals are from high school, some I have bought for myself, some have been given to me by some of my most favorite people in my life.
One of my biggest comforts in life is wandering through a book store with someone I love...
a best friend, a sister, or Andy.
I always end up perusing the quote books and journals.
And if it's a really good day, I take one home.

Last week on our date day, Andy and I ended up in Barnes and Noble.
Andy in the garden section...
Me in the journal section.

I wanted to take them all home, but I was happy to just take this one home also.
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5 years
1,825 answers
One answer a day.
Just a few short words.


Katlyn said...

I want a journal now!

Katie said...

I recently found my journal from when my husband and I started dating and it was LOLtastic. I think I blushed while reading all of my overwrought, enamored ramblings. It was sweet, but I might have to burn it because if my kids found it after I was gone.....yikes! :D

To answer your question over on the blog, I started The Host but never finished it because I found it to be squicky and boring. Meyer's writing did not bother me as much as the Twilight series, I am just not big on sci-fi, post-apocalyptic reads. Everyone keeps telling me to read Sookie Stackhouse.

Thank you for your nice comment and have a great day! :D