Friday, February 17, 2012


Man, this is my favorite day of the week.

It's the day I can stay up as late as I want knowing I can sleep in the next day.
It's the day Andy and I snuggle up on the couch watching movies after the kids go to sleep.
It's so full of that
looking forward to something
kind of excitement that bubbles up inside
and makes you giddy.

Because it's the day before two full days as a whole family!

And it's INSTAFriday!

There's something awesome about how a few simple minutes reading someone's blog can put a smile on your face and brighten your view of the day.

And I always find a new blog on InstaFriday because what you decide to take a picture of with your cell phone is usually something little that made you smile.
And I appreciate people who can enjoy the little things in life.

life rearranged

I smiled this week when Andy walked in the door with these.
And I smiled when I got to wear my favorite Bella mittens.
This fabulous find at the thrift store made me smile.
It's perfect for my sewing room.
It's so bright.
It's like a party made of yarn.
Strawberries cut like hearts in my Love Martini at the Melting Pot made me smile.
Coconut rum and cranberry juice.
Well, hello Love Martini!
And how can s'mores chocolate fondue not make you smile?!
The gift of a poem my grandmother wrote about my mom in 1950 when she was Abby's age from my Aunt Glennie made me smile with tears in my eyes.
Along with this picture of my mom.
Look at those chunky legs and that curly hair!
This kid's smiles and giggles are just darn right contagious!
I'm serious.
He could start an epidemic.
A new tutu for Abby makes me smile.
Well, it will when it is done anyway.
Wandering around a fabric store with my BFF for over 2 hours
taking home new fabric for a funky vintage feel quilt makes me smile.
Like a huge, cheesy, show all my teeth kind of smile.
My messy sewing room did not make me smile...
but the end result after a couple hours decluttering and organizing did!
Seeing my new thrift store find and a happy baby in my clean sewing room made me smile.
And this just me laugh when I saw it hanging up in the hall outside AJ's classroom.
This is how AJ described me at school to his teacher.
Glad to see I'm making a good impression on him.
Bob Ross as a Lego man makes me smile.
I can just hear him say,
"And this little happy tree lives here as content as can be, looking at the lake."
Reading makes me smile.
Although The Host by Stephanie Meyer is kinda hard for me to get into.
I don't know why an alien invasion love story would be hard to get into?

Have a great weekend!
I'm planning on snuggle lovin' some cute kids, laughing with my husband...probably at those said cute kids, making a tutu, reading an alien love story, seeing The Vow, and
because I'm 14 at heart.

What are you up to?


Marla said...

Looks like a great week! I have a very cluttered and messy sewing room....and while I have been working to fix is slow to come. Yours looks great! I bet it feels so good to work in a clean room! And to shop for fabric fro 2 ;)

Anonymous said...

Fun fabrics! Smiling at your 14 year old comment, I too feel like a teenager!

Jamie said...

Love the fabrics and I'm jealous of your sewing space (when it's clean - haha!)

Also, that fondue looked insanely good!

amycornwell said...

Ditto on the fabrics - love them! And my fave is your sweet baby giggling on the bed. SOOOO cute!

tegel outlet said...

Wow so cute baby pics Love this post

Carrie said...

Ditto on the fabrics - love them! And my fave is your sweet baby giggling on the bed. SOOOO cute!