Thursday, February 6, 2014

Yummy Healthy Dinner Recipe

Every now and then I freak out about the way we are eating and vow to eat better. It usually lasts a couple weeks...then we have a busy week and the fast/easy/convenient/not so healthy meal options creep back in.

Then I freak out, and we try again.

It is what it is.

In my most recent freak out I made Easy Macaroni Casserole from skinny

Their idea of easy and my idea of easy are not the same. This one took some time chopping veggies and chopping veggies and chopping veggies....while trying to fend off Brody...

But I guess spending 20 minutes chopping veggies is a sign of a healthy meal. uses ground turkey and whole grain pasta.

It was yummy and Abby and AJ ate their whole plate without complaint.

A link to the recipe is if you're feeling like being healthy and have the time to spend 20 minutes chopping veggies, it's a good one.

Click HERE to go to skinny taste for the recipe!



Anonymous said...

Happy Friday, Friend!
I love skinny taste. She's amazing. I have made her edamame fried rice and some shrimp deal that was good, too.
I love seeing all your posts this week. You go girl!
PS. I just ordered a parenting book Im excited about. Have you heard of Hands Free Mama? She had a super blog and is full of compassion and living-in-the-moment was that reminds me of you.