Friday, February 21, 2014


Happy Friday!

Last week the kids were super excited to go through their Valentine's Day loot. Always a happy chaos...candy is separated and put in labeled baggies and rationed out over time. Lots of excitement and over-tired kiddos.

Andy and I had a date night at home after the kiddos went to bed. Love these kind of nights. Simple but special and so fun!

Ab and AJ had a play date Friday, so it was just Brody and me for the day. We went and painted pottery with good friends! Brody picked a dinosaur to paint and took his task very seriously. It was a fun day. Excited to take all the kids back!

Then we had fondue for dinner...which was kinda crazy but hilariously fun with 3 small kids.

Saturday I saw Labor Day in the theater with a good friend and cried my eyes out. Love a good love story. And can't stop thinking about making a homemade peach pie every since!

Monday the kids didn't have school for President's Day. We spent time playing outside and playing games most of the day. It was delightful.

These two play together all day. It's so sweet to see them bond.

Love this bag! The bright zipper and fun surprise lining make my heart happy. It makes me think of spring. I want spring so bad.

This boy still wears his boots everyday and loves every second of life.
I've been trimming, checking, counting, and bundling thousands of Box Tops with the help of 3 other volunteers.
Andy surprised the kids with doughnuts this morning.
They were over the moon.

Big plans this weekend to plant our garden seeds inside! Can't wait! I love knowing spring is on its way!