Friday, February 14, 2014


Hello Friday!

Hello 4 day weekend, open afternoons, chick flick with girlfriends, and bible study! So ready to soak in some quality time with my favorite peeps!

Last Friday started out rough. Ab's 5 year old wellness check-up turned into a 3 hour doctor visit, trip to the lab and trip to the pharmacy. I was in tears when I looked up to see an angel walk through the front door with a venti chai. And my whole entire world settled, and I knew I would get through the day.

I am loving my new water bottle from another BFF. Because we all know I need a little help drinking water...blah.

Ab rocked a side ponytail this week! Love it! Love that girl!

AJ won a jar of kisses at a birthday party for having the closest estimate. I pretty much ate all 60 of them. Good thing he is a forgiving boy that loves his mama...

This little boy is so 2 right now. Melting down over serious matters...

Like when I put on his tennis shoes instead of his cowboy boots...

Or make him get in his car seat to go somewhere...

Or when I give him a purple straw instead of a red one...

Or when I put the wrong sock on first...

But he still melts my heart with his smiles and blonde hair and big blue eyes and sense of adventure.

He loves those chickens. And those cowboy boots.

He's a country boy at heart.

I signed up to bring treats to for the teachers at the kids' school for Valentine's Day.

I opted for fresh fruit...

And chocolate...
I love making treats for others. It makes my heart happy.

Our little party planning committee pulled off another successful party.

And just when I think I can't handle the chaos of classroom party planning another year, AJ comes up to me and gives me a big bear hug and kisses my hand as he says thank you at the end of the party.

And everything falls back into perspective, and I think maybe I can do it again next year. That boy has my heart.

This is the extent of our Valentine's Day decor around here. It brightens up the room a bit.
Have a great weekend!
I'm looking forward to some quality time with my fam and good friends.
So very blessed, we are. If only we pause to realize it every now and then. When we do, this daily life is truly breathtaking.

Love others and let them know it.