Friday, March 2, 2012

More Than Just Another Insta Friday


life rearranged

I only had 5 pictures to share with you this week.
I thought this was going to be a pretty sad post.

Then I hopped over to Life Rearranged to grab the Insta Friday button code...
and noticed something to make this post so much bigger than just my 5 pictures!

Come on, let's do this!
What a fabulous lesson to teach your kids,
and easy way to do something for others!

So, I know this picture is from last week.
But it's too good not to use.
Look at those haut mommas.
That's me and 3 out of my 4 sisters.
5 girls. I know. My poor mother.

Man, I am blessed.
I love these girls.

I really didn't take many pictures this week.
I know.

I did take a picture of the Crazy Daisies Andy brought me this week.

He said he got me Crazy Daisies because I was crazy.
He should have just smiled and handed me the flowers.
I did take a picture of my clean kitchen and dining room.
Because let's be honest here.
It doesn't look like this very often.
Really never...unless someone is coming over.
And then it is only momentarily.

I did somehow take a picture of the pizza we ordered for dinner one night.
I love me some banana peppers.
And that garlic dipping sauce from Papa Johns.
With some cold Dr. Pepper...
And of course I took a ton of these kinds of pics.
I just need one more follower to have
a nice round 50.
Now wouldn't that make a girl's weekend.
Breaking 50 would be even better.
I'm just saying.

Chop, Chop Lollipop!


Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

Your kitchen & dining area is so cute & quaint! We are big fans of Papa Johns pizza, it's crust is my favorite!

Kat @ The Refeathered Home said...

You just made me crave Papa John's pizza! I'll even out your 50 for you :)

strawbari tulip said...

LOVE this post! Thanks for sharing!

Jonnique said...

Passing through from Insta! Your baby is too cute and the pizza is making my mouth water! I will even give you another new follower!

strawbari tulip said...

Hi, I'm back again. :) Thanks for posting on my blog today. I appreciate it. I'm trying to grow my audience, but don't really know how and I'm not that consistent with the blogging, really. Eh, well. Maybe it's serving it's purpose. ;)

Lauren said...

Woo! Broke through the 50 follower barrier! :]

Jon said...

Hmmm. What's missing from the picture with all you sisters? I better get my picture out and compare the difference.....oh yeah. No birds!!!