Thursday, March 15, 2012

Charming! Absolutely Charming.

I know you have seen all those fabulous, well put together outfits on Pinterest.

And if you are like me,
you daydream you looked that well put together when you make
a mad dash to the van, strap three kids in yelling to hurry their booties up, and leave the neighborhood like a bat outta Hell trying to get to preschool only ten minutes late.

Well, I think I have discovered a secret to help us mommas out.

Sometimes I dare go in those stores that are probably designed for teenagers.
But who says thirty-something moms can't rock that stuff?

The wow factor is ALL in the accessories, ladies.

And my dear sistah introduced me to the best,
fun, funky, colorful, INEXPENSIVE accessory store in the world.

It's like Clairs...for adults.

Because if you are going to own a handbag in every color...
on a budget, they can't all be Coach.

So get yo self on over to
Charming Charlies!

Metro Denver peeps, we have one in Lakewood, Denver, and Aurora!

Their website
In fact, it kinda sucked compared to the store.

The store is organized by color.
Organized by color people!
As you can imagine, I was stuck in the yellow corner for a while...
and returned to visit that corner a couple more times before we left.

They have clothes, but after trying on several items...
I decided this momma figure of mine was best in the accessories.
They didn't make me feel good about myself.
I'll leave the little dresses to the 20 and under crowd.

Again, these pictures do not do the store justice.
Just go there.

You will love me for this.
Your husbands will hate me.


JC said...

I for one love their assortment of awesome rings(loved the peacock one!!!!)