Friday, March 9, 2012

Insta Friday (Insert the cabbage patch dance here)

It's Friday, and I'm ready for a siesta.

This week, I'm looking forward to pretty low-key,
hang out around the house weekend.

Sometimes do-nothing weekends are the best.

life rearranged

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Inspired by No Time For Flashcards this week, we did a little science experiment.

Come on.
Even as adults,
we get a little excited when the baking soda and vinegar erupt.
Don't deny it.
Last weekend I got my hair done by my most favorite hair guy ever.
Check him out if you are in the Denver area.
He offers a free haircut with a color service of $50 or more
for new clients under his special offers section.
This week the weather was crazy in these parts!
It got up to 70 one day,
teasing us with an afternoon in the sandbox and eating frozen yogurt.
Then it dropped back down to 33 the next day.
Frozen yogurt one day and chili the next is...odd.
The chili was a recipe from a Weight Watchers Five Ingredient 15 Minute Cookbook I bought.
I know.
Weight Watchers.
Five Ingredients.
15 Minutes.
Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?
Email me if you want the recipe, and I will share the wealth.
This is how Girlfriend wondered downstairs one night...
hours after she was suppose to be asleep.
I stifled a laugh, pulled out my phone for a pic, and sent her back to bed...again.
She later sneaked (snuck?) into my bed, where I rolled over onto one of those plastic dress up shoes. It was nice.
Andy made these fabulously, amazing, not helping me lose my last 15 pounds of baby weight
S'mores Krispy Treats from Chef In Training.
And I've been eating them all week long when the kids aren't looking.
I have a weakness for S'mores.
It's a problem.
My nails chip and peel.
It's so not attractive.
I hate it.
So hopefully $8.5o worth of Nail Magic will help.
It better be magic.
For $8.50.
And I may have purchased a little hair three different colors...for Girlfriend,
much to Andy's chagrin.
But glitter makes me so happy!
Believe me. She will be rocking that neon green glitter at the St. Patrick's Day parade!
And it only cost 99 cents, not $8.50.
What to do when you have a sleeping baby in the van and twenty minutes to kill before you pick up the hellians from preschool?
Swing by the McDonald's drive thru, indulge in a medium iced caramel mocha for $3.09, and read with the heated seats on. Oh yeah. It was a divine twenty minutes. Then I picked up the kids, and Abby peed all over the bathroom floor as soon as we got home.
Seriously, this is how this kid wakes up.
I hope he potty trains himself too.
I have always wanted to have a home where people walk in and the first thing they notice is how wonderful it smells.
It's really important to me.
And I swear, at least one of my kids always poops right before we have company over.
Murphy's law.
I want it to smell nice, someone poops.

Anyway I have found a way to be that home.
Not the home that always smells like a poopy diaper, the home that always smells good.
Like a warm pumpkin pie in the fall and like cinnamon in the get the idea.

I kid you not.
This stuff is amazing.
Welcome Home is my favorite scent.

I'm having an online party, so if you want to have an amazing smelling home
click this link and order from my party.
The beauty of an online party is that anyone can order and have it mailed directly to them.
I don't even have to know who you are.
This stuff is worth it.
I promise, no one has ever asked me if one of my kids know.
Sending much love out to my blog readers! You guys are great.


Anonymous said...

Smore treats and glitter, can it get any better?

Great pictures. I would love to have you link up at my first ever link party today!

Anonymous said...

Those smores look heavenly! I wish I looked that cute when I got up :)

lil' mama said...

That little Brody is cutie!!! Must try the smore's treat. Yummmmm

Holly said...

Oh man, the s'more treats look amazing!!

Tracy said...

i looooove glitter, esp those colors!