Tuesday, March 13, 2012

St. Pat's Day Teacher Treat

AJ has been asking me for months if he could please bring his teacher a box of his favorite cereal.

He loves her that much.

I finally promised him that we could gift her with a box for St. Pat's Day...
He hasn't let me forget this promise.

I just happened to have a great coupon for 3 boxes of General Mills cereal this week.
Talk about luck.

So, this is why his teachers will get a box of cereal this week.

See, gifting someone with Lucky Charms the week of St. Pat's Day is a little less random...
than just showing up with a box of cereal any ol' day.
It's a good thing his favorite cereal isn't Raisin Bran...
not sure how I could have made that one work...

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lauren said...

so adorable!!! You've got me thinking that I should do something similar for the teachers on my team!