Friday, July 11, 2014


We are still chillaxing and enjoying the lazy days of summer.

I pulled out some supplies for a small project one morning...

And the kiddos ended up with a fun outside chalkboard.

It's a fun addition to the backyard.

We had family over for AJ's birthday, and we had birthday cake waffles instead of cake. They were super fun and delicious.

I got totally distracted one day and started sewing when I had a hundred other things I needed to be doing...

But Abby ended up with a fun dress.

We started gathering supplies for AJ's birthday camp out!

S'mores, capture the flag, camping out in the backyard.


I caught my kids playing "winter" one day. As if winter doesn't last long enough out here.


Brody threw my phone in the toilet one night. #seriously?!

Luckily the last person that used it had flushed...because....well because my children aren't the best flushers in the world.

Just saying. It could have been worse.

The phone made a full recovery. And it wasn't pee water.


Ab and I had Girl Spa one night while the boys took Mary Flair back to storage. Abby giggled after they left, grabbed my hands and pulled me to the stairs exclaiming, "Let's have Girl Spa and paint our nails together!" It was such an honor to have her be so excited to hang out together.
She requested a "face thing with pickles" on her eyes. We skipped the pickles...because nobody wants pickle juice in their eyes.
We put her hair in rag curls! This makes me pure giddy. Rag curls take me back to my childhood. I think every momma and daughter should have fond memories of Girl Spa nights with rag curls.

I can't get enough of those freckles and rags and that smile.


The excitement continued into the next day when we got to take the rags out. #littleorphanabby

Gotta love "picnics" with good buddies.




I scored my all-time favorite MJ dress ever!



The essence of the whimsical childhood of a little girl that believes in fairy tales with all her heart in.a.dress.

Strawberry wine

Laughing with a good friend that so totally gets me.


This boy has had an exciting week as birthday gifts have started trickling in. I love that the gift of a book brings him so much joy.



Melty beads.

Doesn't everyone have some faint memory of these things as a kid?!

Abby finally developed an attention span long enough to complete her own project. Love it!

Sonic dessert...

And watching the sun set in a local park...

Taking selfies...
And just chilling in nature as a family.

Have an awesome weekend!