Saturday, May 31, 2008

Craftiness & A Birthday Party!

What a day!  It started out creating these adorable candle holders at one of my Craft Days hosted by Kate(I am now addicted to beading and glass many hobbies can a girl have?)...followed by a trip to a frame store & Michaels & DQ(for the birthday ice cream cake...yum!)...and ended with a fabulous birthday party!  I am both exhausted and spoiled rotten!  

The birthday party was a joint celebration for Andy's mom, Andy, and I.  We had fun spoiling Nana Ann (Andy's mom) this year!  AJ made her these adorable pieces of artwork for her office at work, we framed her two pics of AJ from our patriotic photo shoot in Missouri(not pictured here), gave her the Craft Day candle holders, the Nana sign pictured here, and a bike helmet.  She loved every bit of it!  We plan to replace her office pictures every year with updated art and place the old art in a scrapbook album.  What a fun tradition and treasured album that will become over the years.  I love traditions!  

I also framed two of the patriotic pics of AJ, Jenna, & Jamie to add to our family pictures!  I love getting pics framed!  

& to the spoiled rotten part...Andy's parents gifted me with Picture Mate making it possible for me to print single 4 x 6 pictures in my classroom!  Now my students will not have to wait weeks to get their "Star of the Week" books!  I am super excited about my new classroom photo printing abilities!  AND....a Tune Cast Auto for my I can listen to my fave tunes that are on my iPhone in the yellow submarine!  You will be glad to know that it also charges my phone, taking care of my lack of remembering to charge my phone problem...Did I say spoiled?!