Friday, May 16, 2008

$4, The Price for Another 20 Minutes of Sleep

I like to sleep in when I am off track.  Aside from getting to hang out with AJ for three weeks, sleeping in is one of the greatest benefits of teaching year round.  

AJ leaps for joy and squeals when I finally roll out of bed and rescue him from his room that he is confined to by a baby gate.  (I know it's only a matter of time before he decides to stop humoring us and he hops the gate.)  He usually wakes up in a happy-go-lucky, pie in the sky mood and entertains himself for about an hour.  But if I linger in bed for another 20 minutes, he moves into the destructive play where he is frustrated that I have not greeted him, lifted him over the gate, and prepared his fave breakfast of cold milk, fruity oatmeal, and a banana.  

Now, if one of his innocent, unsuspecting parents has absent-mindedly left a box of wipies within toddler reach, they are sacrificed to the gods of children with slacker parents...unboxed and obliterated...shredded into tiny bits of moist scraps and scattered about the entire room. 

 I groan as I pick up the hundreds of bits of Huggies "snow" that has befallen my child's room, thinking another box slaughtered by the hands of a neglected AJ...another $4 gone...for another 20 it worth it?  Every time this happens, (and it's been a few) I know that I should have gotten my lazy bumm out of bed when I faintly noticed the obnoxious toddler toy music had lulled.  

It's truly never a good sign when my house gets that quiet.  What's my child's vendetta against wipies anyway?  


Katlyn said...

I think $4 for a bit more sleep is totally worth it! Where do I sign up?

jessieg said...

He's a boy. He naturally hates anything clean.