Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Green Thumb and Basement Shopping

This morning we checked on our flowers we planted yesterday, went basement shopping, and planted strawberries! 

Yesterday we planted petunias.  My favorite part of spring every year is planting bright flowers for our planters out front.  This year AJ got to partake in the tradition.  He was pretty much just into his red shiny new watering tin, much to my disappointment...I wanted him to dig into the dirt and get muddy.  Oh well, maybe next year.  Water is rather distracting.  We did peak some curiosity though because today he was psyched to plant the strawberry seeds he found in the basement. 

In an effort to keep AJ's toys from taking over the house we go through and bring some to the basement every now and then.  After a while we rotate toys from the basement back up and send some down.  AJ loves this because it is like getting new toys.  Andy and I love this because his "new" toy keep him entertained longer.  Well, we have developed a new routine that any time Andy or I have to go down to the basement (AJ following close behind), AJ gets to pick a toy or two to bring back upstairs.  Basement shopping is a saving grace on rainy or cold days when we can't go outside to play.

Today when I ventured downstairs to reset the internet, AJ found all kinds of new and exciting loot.  We came back upstairs with a soccer ball from mom's childhood, a yellow bug, a pillow great grandma Mimi made, a yellow sand bucket, strawberry seeds with a mini greenhouse, and a Dr. Seuss hat.  This should keep him entertained for about...3o minutes...maybe 40 with planting the strawberry seeds.  




jessieg said...

Even I love shopping in your many treasures, because you hang on to things. It's so great! Oh, and you're missing a Baby Einstein. Someone didn't check the DVD player before they left. :)