Monday, November 28, 2011

Insta Monday

Thanksgiving set me back a couple days in Blogland, but
I'm back in the game!

And I have a lot to share!
Such a full week.

life rearranged

With the cooler weather over the last week, my fave yellow coat made its first debut this season.
That fabulous green scarf is hiding the fact that I cannot currently button my fave yellow coat. Damn junk food.
At least the yellow/green combo is cute.
Girlfriend rockin' a style all her own.
Rain boots
I love that chick.
Some people get upset if their children play with their food.
Other people teach their children how to play with their food.
Guess which one I would be?
Kraft mac n' cheese...ha!
Andy laughs in your face...

and makes $36 mac n' cheese.
The couponer in me cringed in pain and tried to repress that total.
Princess dress done!
I am in love. For a couple seconds I thought maybe I could make her a princess dress every year.
Next time I start talking like that, just slap me. I'm not kidding. Slap the crap out of me.
Skinny jeans oh how I love you...
and have looked at you in envy for so long...wondering can I rock that?
Thanks to my BFF and a little bit of hemming, I attempted to be cool this week.
Anything that you can wear that says skinny in the name has to make ya feel good about yourself...right?!
Make It and Love It helped me out with a great keeping the original hem tutorial. Check it out. If you are short like me, it will change your life.
Best part of the week was that my fave sistah, Jess, came to visit.
And I'm not gonna lie, there are parts of my house that it takes company coming to get my butt in gear and clean up. Such as my sewing room. I love that room, but somehow it becomes the catch all room of the house...always hidden under mountains of clutter...victim to the remains of random crafting mail...etc...etc.
I fit a couple banners in this week.
I'm never going to sell these things...I keep giving them away.
We went to Andy's aunt and uncle's beautiful home for Thanksgiving...
I love holiday food. in Andy...pulled out all the Christmas boxes.
I need change this year.
If you want a rustic, country themed me...the ornaments are all yours.
First come, first serve.

I'm going with a red and white tree this year:
Jess and I went shopping while she was here...
can't wait to share my new hallway...after it's all put together.
I moustache you a question, but I'm shaving it for later.
HA! I love stache humor!
The kiddos put up their trees over the weekend...
and they both slept in their own rooms all night!
The magic of the Christmas tree night light.
We may have to leave them up all year long.
My house recovered nicely from hurricane AJ and tornado Abby over the weekend...
but look doesn't last long.
Girlfriend took a header...literally...on the patio over the weekend...
landing us in the Trauma department of Urgent Care.
I can now update the
Things We Find Ourselves Doing With Abby That We Never Had To Do With AJ list:

Get her forehead glued back together.
Seriously child, you give your mother high blood pressure.
And we are EXHAUSTED!
But ready for another fun filled week.


jessieg said...

Love my little Indian. That trip was crazy fun! I can't wait to come back and go to Ikea again. I'm totally going to make you go buy me stuff and mail it to me. I got the hook up! Thanks for making us feel so loved. I always have the best time with you. Miss you already! Oh, and I totally rock that stache.

mandysmusings said...

Being a shorty, I was totally intrigued by your mention of an easy way to hem jeans. Those instructions look easy enough, but I don't have a sewing machine. Do you think I should even attempt to hand-stitch it? Or just suck it up and find a tailor?