Friday, August 19, 2011

Abby Doo, Abby Cat, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Girlfriend...

No matter what we call her, she has a personality all her own.

We have a running list at our house...

Things We Find Ourselves Doing With Abby That We Never Had To Do With AJ:

Avoid multiple sinks in the house because they are all full of her clothes soaking in Oxy Clean

Google how to get crayon out of a tablecloth

Google how to get Sharpie out of clothes

Google how to get dry erase marker out of clothes

Buy Mr. Clean Magic Erasers 2 boxes at a time

Hide or lock up any and ALL writing utensils

Google how to get blood out of carpet
(because when you run everywhere you go, sometimes you don't make that corner & run right smack into a wall resulting in a double nose bleed...nice)

Repaint a bathroom wall because she "painted" it with the thickest, greasiest sunblock we own

Hide the wipes due to obsessive cleaning of any and all surfaces...
except for the ones she just wrote, drew, colored or "painted" all over...go figure

Throw away a set of sheets because she hid a hot pink ink pen in her bed room
(and there just was not enough Aqua Net in all the drugstores in the area to save them)

Hide the hand sanitizer before she rubbed her hands raw

Move her clothes out of her room so she didn't try them ALL on in one day

Call poison control, spend a day in the hospital with a two year old,
and lock up all the flower seeds

I am sure I will think of more items to add to the list...
and many more will come up over time...

because this little girl may be small and look innocent,
but has the personality and will power to rock this world one day.