Tuesday, November 8, 2011

4 Cities In 4 Days: Part 1

A couple weeks ago one of my sisters started throwing around the idea of a surprise birthday party for my dad.

Couple back story details:
I have seven brothers and sisters.
My dad lives in Missouri.
I live in Colorado.
I get to see my fam about once a year.

I briefly mentioned the surprise party to Andy, never imagining that we would go. I about fell out of my chair when Andy said, "why not?"

So the wheels were set in motion.
My lil' sis and I started planning a surprise within a surprise.
We pulled it off. No one knew we were coming until we got there.
It was totally rad.

Last Wednesday a blizzard hit Denver, and we loaded up the swagger wagon and pulled out.
Andy had some biznas to do in Wichita.
City 1.
Many DVD's and fast food later, we arrived...at 2:30am.
The kids and I relaxed in the hotel Thursday.
We all met up when he was finished and explored a near by science museum.

There were lots of hands on puzzles for the kiddos.
I mastered the cube puzzle like a pro.
Who said all those hours of Tetris as a kid wouldn't pay off?
I rocked it and have a picture to prove it.
Andy and the kids went nuts over all the aeronautical stuff.
I took pictures.
Best part of city 1:
Meeting up with my college roommate!
Man, I miss that girl!
We had some good times back in the day.
Look at all these stinkin' cute kids!
From Wichita we traveled on to City 2: Kansas City...
arriving about 1:00am.


Jade said...

Next time you make a whirlwind trip let me know!! And you can make a pit stop at our house!!