Friday, November 11, 2011

Insta Friday Round These Parts

Hello Friday!

Hello fall party tonight with great peeps.
Hello quality time with the hubs.
Hello crafting with my BFF.

Hello weekend!
Oh how I love thee.

life rearranged

Road trippin' it requires a new vampire romance novel on the Nook and
some green apple bubble gum courtesy of the kids' Halloween bags. It's a good life.

Check that double bubble.
I still got it.
I love when the red cups come out!
Talk about makin' this chick's day.
I love scarf weather!
Au naturale waves...
means...I'm too tired to fix my hair...
it's been wavy a lot lately.
I want a new Christmas tree theme.
I'm tired of the rustic country theme I've had for the last 7 years...
but I can't decide...
go classic red and white...
totally funky?!
Speaking of Christmas...
I've been grabbing a couple things here and there for AJ...
but it's inevitable
I'm sure it will blind-side me again this year...
because up all night wrapping gifts Christmas Eve is how I roll.
Sometimes I pretend the dishes will just go away, but they never do.
It's rather disappointing really.
Mmmmm....this makes it a little better....
Brody is 8 weeks old, and one day soon I might get his announcements out...
I love food. Especially this food:
Shout out to my favorite sibling and his wife for taking care of me with those boiled peanuts.
I love you.
love. you.

And here it is.
The trouble Girlfriend has been up to this week portion of Insta Friday:

1. She just had to dump all 5,000 lincoln logs out. Only to walk away and play with her baby doll. 2. It's never good when you wake up to a strong smell of pumpkin and Abby saying, "I got lotion mom! Lotion!" Yes. Yes, you did. Just a little bit. 3. She swore she did not get in the junk drawer, but the yellow yard sale sticker on her forehead told a different story.
Oh Abby.


Lisa said...

I love the wavy hair! And, you should go for a totally funky tree this year. Have fun!