Monday, November 7, 2011


I know. I know.

I am so behind on blogging.

But there is a good reason...
which will unfold in future posts over the next couple days.

Let's start with Insta-Monday

life rearranged

My little friend likes to be involved in all the action...
even if it is just folding laundry.

Toaster Strudels require a certain level of artistic talent around our house.
And not to brag or anything, but I have some mad skills with that little bag of frosting and
a hot pastry.
Love peaceful afternoons of Pandora and photo editing...
but they never seem to last long...

Dear Pampers,
You suck.
A lovely little blizzard decided to visit us last Wednesday...
thus giving the kids a Snow Day...
Snow Days not as exciting when you are a parent instead of a teacher...
I had a lot to get done that day.
Thank you Mother Nature.
Dude. This turkey will not end up as Thanksgiving dinner.
I indulged in a much needed break with my BFF.
We may have drooled over the teen Twilight magazine for...a little while before we moved on to crafting books. So excited for this movie! This is the one they finally get it on in. It's about damn time. It only took four freakin' long books.
Girlfriend inherited her mother's pendulum of mood swings.
The teenage years should be interesting.
The next Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart...except not playing lovers...that would be wrong...very wrong.

And I could do an entire Insta-Monday of the trouble Girlfriend gets into.
1. Girlfriend "cleaning up" her spill. 2. A before and after of the kids' bookshelf...when Abby was suppose to be taking a nap. 3. Abby trying to put rain boots on Latte. 4. We need to hide the scissors better.