Friday, January 30, 2015


Flu?! Ain't nobody got time fo dat.

We had stuff to do.

So although we were not yet 100% yet, we were fever free...

And we plowed on...

Collecting food for a local food bank...

Opening happy mail...

Starting new sewing projects...

Cleaning and disinfecting the house...

& rewarding ourself for cleaning and disinfecting the house with new hand towels...

Being super cute for preschool pictures....

Opening the sunroof...
Hold on. Back the bus up. Opening the sunroof?! In January?!
True story.
77 degree days in the middle of winter are the best mood boosters ever. Especially after being quarantined in the house for a week.

Working with our Destination Imagination team on writing our Central Challenge script and completing Instant Challenge tasks...

Doing our Kindergarten homework...

Snuggle lovin this cute bear cub...

Drinking coffee to keep up...

Baking cookies for Ab's class for her birthday...

Icing Ab's cookies....

Still icing Ab's cookies...

Avoiding the glitter in my coffee...

And putting on new Jamberries for the epic Pocahontas party...

Like a boss.

Take that flu.

We are done.

We've moved on.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Last Week's Insta-Post

Soooo....way back to the weekend before last...

We started that 4 day weekend strong.

We did lots of laundry and puzzles that Friday.

Abby lost her other front tooth...

I was in cheerful spirits rocking my anchor bracelet as a reminder of one of my fave bible verses Hebrews 6:19...

I started a fun Valentinez's Day order....

And drank delicious coffee...
Life was good. Calm. Normal.

Then BAM!

Abby goes down hard with a 104 degree temp, chills, aches, & a nasty cough. Just like that. Fine one moment, then down the next.

I thought huh weird. Poor girl.

We snuggled in, watched some movies, looked at magazines...

Then BAM Brody goes down hard...104 degree temp, chills, aches, & a nasty cough.

Abby still not doing good. And I realize we are not dealing with a common cold here folks.

It is Sunday now. And BAM, You guessed it. AJ goes down hard...104 degree temp, chills, aches, & a nasty cough.

My throat hurts. I'm not feeling so great. There is no way we are making it to church.

Monday comes and goes as a blur of movies and Gatorade. Lots of movies and Gatorade.

Tuesday am arrives, and there is no way these 3 are going to school.

More movies and Gatorade.

Lots of snuggling in cozy blankets going on...

Friends send more movies and magazines...

I drink more coffee...I'm not feeling great, but I'm hanging in there.

Somehow it's Wednesday. Only Abby has been able to return to school.

Friends send food.

We are struggling.


Brody misses school again.

More movies, Gatorade, and snuggling with cozy blankets.

Friday AJ returns to school.

Mama bear goes down hard.

The weekend comes and goes.

This week starts.

We are not 100%, but we are among the living again.

Sniffiling and coughing, but among the living again.

And that my friends was my first experience with the flu.

I would not recommend it.

Friday, January 16, 2015


United in orange for the kids' school spirit day.

Wearing a Bronco shirt for my kids' school spirit day is pretty much the extent of my anything to do with sports.

If I go to a sporting event, I go because someone bought me a ticket and I feel bad not being nice...then I just try to find solace in the concession stand food until it's over.

AJ and Andy watch the Bronco games, and I play Frozen Free Fall and eat snacks.

Coffee. Everyday. Keeping me awake in the afternoons.

Brody Bear needed this hat.

I mean seriously.

Abby is my little artist. Always coloring and cutting and painting and gluing.
She said, "Look mom, I made a tiara. Take a picture."
Then Brody said, "Make me one too! Make me one TOO!!!"


I mean being 3 is rough.

I told him no.

I can't even remember what the whole tantrum was over now.

Want to send this mama go over the edge in a split second?

Dump the entire bookshelf just for the hell of it.

I dare ya.

True story: I love blowing bubbles as much as a small child.

Western day. Cutest day of the year.

When I asked Brody what a cowboy says, he enthusiastically said, "NEIGH NEIGH!"

Not quite buddy.

Shop Sweet Lulu.

Happiest box ever.

Every party planners dream.

Ab and I worked on a couple projects for her Pocahontas party this week.

I'm kinda loving this theme.

Feathers and arrows.

Very hip and trendy.

Feathers may be my new favorite thing.

Search feathers on Pinterest. It's fun!

I have been swooning over tissue paper tassel garland for awhile. Ab's party was the perfect excuse to finally make one!

Have a great weekend!

My kids have a 4 day weekend.

Whoop! Whoop!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Reading: The Real Story: Understsnding The Big Picture of the Bible by Edward Sri & Curtis Martin.
Playing: The Darius Rucker station on Pandora or the Frozen sound track if we are in the van. Love Is An Open Door is my jam. I am really good at singing Disney songs in my van.
Watching: We just finished Flashpoint & started the new season of Downton Abbey. I really hate Thomas Barrow. Seriously, karma has got to step up its game here.
Trying: to get up earlier. Blah. Don't take anything I say before 8am personally. I'm darn right mean when I wake up.
Cooking: spaghetti. We eat a lot of spaghetti and pizza and Chick-Fil-A...kid food.
Eating: my fave go-to mama snack right now are those Honey Stinger waffle energy bars. Fast & easy to eat on the run & super yummy.
Drinking: lots of lattes & cappuccinos & Dr. Pepper always Dr. Pepper.
Calling: Andy or Becky. But rarely call anyone...I prefer texting.
Texting: my sisters, my BFF's & Andy.
Pinning: Nespresso recipes and Pocahontas crafts.
Crafting: super hero capes & masks for a couple partners in crime.
Doing: laundry, typing PTO minutes, Labels for Education submission and order, leading American Heritage girls, coaching Destination Imagination, teaching 2nd graders their faith, coordinating a bible study, planning a spring break camping trip, getting ready for Valentine's Day pics, planning Ab's Pocahontas bday party...and I'm sure I'm forgetting something...
Going: mostly to the kids' school multiple times a day, ballet once a week, church 3 days a week..
Loving: my Burts Bees champagne lip shimmer, Andy's beard & not having to change diapers anymore!!!
Hating: these cloudy grey days...I'm done with winter. It's time for spring and summer. Like stat.
Discovering: that wearing hoop earrings is fun! I haven't worn hoop earrings since middle school!
Enjoying: silence. I used to fill my moments in the car & doing housework with music. But with 3 kids & Andy's new sound bar, my house is always loud. So I find myself reveling in pure silence...I must be getting old. I really never thought the day would come when I didn't turn on music at any given chance.
Hoping:to get the kids in swim lessons soon. And to read more. And that my hair grows out and I don't get impatient and cut it.
Celebrating: Brody's potty training success.
Smelling: my La Vie Est Belle perfume I got for Christmas! I love smelling my sweaters & scarves now. I might smell them a lot. People probably notice me smelling myself...
Thanking: God for our health & amazing family & friends & the kids' awesome teachers. My friends for keeping me semi-sane.
Considering: getting a spray tan in the spring. Maybe.
Finishing: all my Christmas chocolate...which might be a sign to start exercising. Maybe. Or that I just need to restock. I like that idea better. Yeah...time to restock. Workout clothes are totally functional...even if I don't work out.
Starting: to get restless to be outside & another load of laundry.
I'll try and blog again before my Insta-Friday, but don't hold your breath.

Friday, January 9, 2015


Transitioning back into real life has been rough. Good thing I have a new Nespresso, or I may not have made it.

Some people start a new diet with the new year. I start drinking more delicious calories in order to stay awake in the afternoons. The struggle is real.

Last Sunday I joined a few friends over some tea, scones, and cucumber sandwiches for the season premiere of Downton Abbey.

Boys of Downton liked my pic on IG. And I pretty much fell in love.

This little guy loves Despicable Me. He spotted this shirt a mile away and begged to have it. How could I turn that face down?! He can have anything he wants.

He put it on and said, "I'm despicable!"

It was awesome.

We've washed it twice this week already. He wants to wear it

Ab requested a Pocahontas party this year.

Of course Abby's favorite princess would be a free spirited one that follows the wind.

She asked me to build a cliff on our roof so they could stand and sing on it like Pocahontas.

Right. Abby on the roof.

Destination Imagination is in full swing. They are researching wolves and leopards for their central challenge. These kids are going to change the world one day.

I dusted off my sewing machine and made some Valentine's Day infinity scarves this week. Super easy, but super fun. I need to sew more. I've been a sewing bum. If only I had a limitless fabric budget.
Love me some snowflake jams for a snowy January week.
I seriously feel naked without some jams on.

Have a fabulous weekend!