Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Last Week's Insta-Post

Soooo....way back to the weekend before last...

We started that 4 day weekend strong.

We did lots of laundry and puzzles that Friday.

Abby lost her other front tooth...

I was in cheerful spirits rocking my anchor bracelet as a reminder of one of my fave bible verses Hebrews 6:19...

I started a fun Valentinez's Day order....

And drank delicious coffee...
Life was good. Calm. Normal.

Then BAM!

Abby goes down hard with a 104 degree temp, chills, aches, & a nasty cough. Just like that. Fine one moment, then down the next.

I thought huh weird. Poor girl.

We snuggled in, watched some movies, looked at magazines...

Then BAM Brody goes down hard...104 degree temp, chills, aches, & a nasty cough.

Abby still not doing good. And I realize we are not dealing with a common cold here folks.

It is Sunday now. And BAM, You guessed it. AJ goes down hard...104 degree temp, chills, aches, & a nasty cough.

My throat hurts. I'm not feeling so great. There is no way we are making it to church.

Monday comes and goes as a blur of movies and Gatorade. Lots of movies and Gatorade.

Tuesday am arrives, and there is no way these 3 are going to school.

More movies and Gatorade.

Lots of snuggling in cozy blankets going on...

Friends send more movies and magazines...

I drink more coffee...I'm not feeling great, but I'm hanging in there.

Somehow it's Wednesday. Only Abby has been able to return to school.

Friends send food.

We are struggling.


Brody misses school again.

More movies, Gatorade, and snuggling with cozy blankets.

Friday AJ returns to school.

Mama bear goes down hard.

The weekend comes and goes.

This week starts.

We are not 100%, but we are among the living again.

Sniffiling and coughing, but among the living again.

And that my friends was my first experience with the flu.

I would not recommend it.