Friday, January 9, 2015


Transitioning back into real life has been rough. Good thing I have a new Nespresso, or I may not have made it.

Some people start a new diet with the new year. I start drinking more delicious calories in order to stay awake in the afternoons. The struggle is real.

Last Sunday I joined a few friends over some tea, scones, and cucumber sandwiches for the season premiere of Downton Abbey.

Boys of Downton liked my pic on IG. And I pretty much fell in love.

This little guy loves Despicable Me. He spotted this shirt a mile away and begged to have it. How could I turn that face down?! He can have anything he wants.

He put it on and said, "I'm despicable!"

It was awesome.

We've washed it twice this week already. He wants to wear it

Ab requested a Pocahontas party this year.

Of course Abby's favorite princess would be a free spirited one that follows the wind.

She asked me to build a cliff on our roof so they could stand and sing on it like Pocahontas.

Right. Abby on the roof.

Destination Imagination is in full swing. They are researching wolves and leopards for their central challenge. These kids are going to change the world one day.

I dusted off my sewing machine and made some Valentine's Day infinity scarves this week. Super easy, but super fun. I need to sew more. I've been a sewing bum. If only I had a limitless fabric budget.
Love me some snowflake jams for a snowy January week.
I seriously feel naked without some jams on.

Have a fabulous weekend!