Friday, January 16, 2015


United in orange for the kids' school spirit day.

Wearing a Bronco shirt for my kids' school spirit day is pretty much the extent of my anything to do with sports.

If I go to a sporting event, I go because someone bought me a ticket and I feel bad not being nice...then I just try to find solace in the concession stand food until it's over.

AJ and Andy watch the Bronco games, and I play Frozen Free Fall and eat snacks.

Coffee. Everyday. Keeping me awake in the afternoons.

Brody Bear needed this hat.

I mean seriously.

Abby is my little artist. Always coloring and cutting and painting and gluing.
She said, "Look mom, I made a tiara. Take a picture."
Then Brody said, "Make me one too! Make me one TOO!!!"


I mean being 3 is rough.

I told him no.

I can't even remember what the whole tantrum was over now.

Want to send this mama go over the edge in a split second?

Dump the entire bookshelf just for the hell of it.

I dare ya.

True story: I love blowing bubbles as much as a small child.

Western day. Cutest day of the year.

When I asked Brody what a cowboy says, he enthusiastically said, "NEIGH NEIGH!"

Not quite buddy.

Shop Sweet Lulu.

Happiest box ever.

Every party planners dream.

Ab and I worked on a couple projects for her Pocahontas party this week.

I'm kinda loving this theme.

Feathers and arrows.

Very hip and trendy.

Feathers may be my new favorite thing.

Search feathers on Pinterest. It's fun!

I have been swooning over tissue paper tassel garland for awhile. Ab's party was the perfect excuse to finally make one!

Have a great weekend!

My kids have a 4 day weekend.

Whoop! Whoop!