Sunday, January 4, 2015

End of Winter Break/New Years

I don't really want to go back to real life tomorrow.

I kinda like lazy pj days and sledding and movies every day.

But routine is good too. I guess.

We did do a couple small projects over break.

Andy put a ballet barre up for Ab over break.

She dances all day long.

I was feeling crowded and cranky for space with the massive Christmas tree and all the Christmas decor. It had to go. I love it for a while. Then I'm done. And want space.

We baked cupcakes one morning. That was entertaining.

We invited friends over for a low key New Years Eve.

I rocked some New Years jams.

We played games, watched fireworks on TV, and had a dance party.

Ab indulged in a few glasses of sparkling juice.

We had steak, sweet potatoes, mackin' and cheese, and chocolate fondue.

We picked up Grandma Joyce and hung out at nana and papa 's New Years Day. Brody and nana made cornbread to go with our ham and black eye peas.

We watched A Christmas Story at nana and papa's.

And now Brody wants a bunny suit.

AJ and I met up with friends Friday to see Big Hero 6. Love that boy up.

We went sledding again. It was awesome.

We are totally getting a 6 foot toboggan next winter.

I have daydreamed about getting a Nespresso for over a year.

My dream came true Friday night.

And it's as amazing as I always imagined.

I pretty much take more pictures of coffee than my kids now.

****Bonus Feature: Andy and I watched Top Gun on our first date. It's kinda our movie. Our first dance as a married couple was to Take My Breath Away.****End of Bonus Feature

I had a cup of coffee at 10pm Friday night....

And another one Saturday when I got up.

I can go back to real life now.

With this Nespreeso I can do anything.