Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Reading: The Real Story: Understsnding The Big Picture of the Bible by Edward Sri & Curtis Martin.
Playing: The Darius Rucker station on Pandora or the Frozen sound track if we are in the van. Love Is An Open Door is my jam. I am really good at singing Disney songs in my van.
Watching: We just finished Flashpoint & started the new season of Downton Abbey. I really hate Thomas Barrow. Seriously, karma has got to step up its game here.
Trying: to get up earlier. Blah. Don't take anything I say before 8am personally. I'm darn right mean when I wake up.
Cooking: spaghetti. We eat a lot of spaghetti and pizza and Chick-Fil-A...kid food.
Eating: my fave go-to mama snack right now are those Honey Stinger waffle energy bars. Fast & easy to eat on the run & super yummy.
Drinking: lots of lattes & cappuccinos & Dr. Pepper always Dr. Pepper.
Calling: Andy or Becky. But rarely call anyone...I prefer texting.
Texting: my sisters, my BFF's & Andy.
Pinning: Nespresso recipes and Pocahontas crafts.
Crafting: super hero capes & masks for a couple partners in crime.
Doing: laundry, typing PTO minutes, Labels for Education submission and order, leading American Heritage girls, coaching Destination Imagination, teaching 2nd graders their faith, coordinating a bible study, planning a spring break camping trip, getting ready for Valentine's Day pics, planning Ab's Pocahontas bday party...and I'm sure I'm forgetting something...
Going: mostly to the kids' school multiple times a day, ballet once a week, church 3 days a week..
Loving: my Burts Bees champagne lip shimmer, Andy's beard & not having to change diapers anymore!!!
Hating: these cloudy grey days...I'm done with winter. It's time for spring and summer. Like stat.
Discovering: that wearing hoop earrings is fun! I haven't worn hoop earrings since middle school!
Enjoying: silence. I used to fill my moments in the car & doing housework with music. But with 3 kids & Andy's new sound bar, my house is always loud. So I find myself reveling in pure silence...I must be getting old. I really never thought the day would come when I didn't turn on music at any given chance.
Hoping:to get the kids in swim lessons soon. And to read more. And that my hair grows out and I don't get impatient and cut it.
Celebrating: Brody's potty training success.
Smelling: my La Vie Est Belle perfume I got for Christmas! I love smelling my sweaters & scarves now. I might smell them a lot. People probably notice me smelling myself...
Thanking: God for our health & amazing family & friends & the kids' awesome teachers. My friends for keeping me semi-sane.
Considering: getting a spray tan in the spring. Maybe.
Finishing: all my Christmas chocolate...which might be a sign to start exercising. Maybe. Or that I just need to restock. I like that idea better. Yeah...time to restock. Workout clothes are totally functional...even if I don't work out.
Starting: to get restless to be outside & another load of laundry.
I'll try and blog again before my Insta-Friday, but don't hold your breath.