Friday, June 14, 2013


yo yo yo yippie yo yippie yay
Friday in the house.

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Lots of time at home chillin and taking in the sun this week.
We celebrated Nana's birthday with yummy citrus Sangria...
and S'mores ice cream cake.
Ab begged to try a lime the other day.
I tried to warn her.
But what do I know.
Chick had to find out for herself.
(The teenage years are going to be fun with this one.)
She decided she wasn't a fan.
She is currently obsessed with She-ra and He-man,
and keeps telling me she has a He-man hair cut.
Yup. She totally does.
What kind of superhero rocks a bob and bangs?
She also took it upon herself to get a shirt out of the top of her closet by stacking two steps stools on top of each other. Which resulted in a lot of blood and landed us in the trauma department of the doctor's office.
She is our only child to see this part of the doctor's office and the emergency room of a hospital.
And this was her third trip.
She keeps me up at night, this one.
I made Loyal Lion shield name tags...
and painted lots of castle walls for VBS.
We had pink sprinkle pancakes one morning per She-man's request.
Mmmmm...refreshing mint and lime water.
With our own fresh mint!
We made homemade play-doh.
I hate play-doh.
Homemade or store bought.
We had girls spa...
and painted our nails rainbow with sparkles.
AJ grossed me out with this vicious looking bug from the back yard.
He kept putting it on my phone.
We had friends over and made fun summer treats.
That's a party in a cup right there.
My first rose of the season!
Rose bushes bring me so much joy.
Everyone should have a rose bush.
We reserved a massive water inflatable and passed out flyers for the neighborhood 4th of July BBQ!
Love, love, love the 4th of July!
Like more than Christmas and Halloween LOVE.
Parades, potato salad, fireworks.
Good times.
And we spent a lot of time in and on the play set.
Have a fabulous weekend!

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Anne Bickle said...

What a fun, full week. So many fun images of fun memories. You are such a fun mommy. // I never thought about it before, but you are right about He-man's haircut. I guess when you are ripped like that, you can have whatever girly haircut you want. // Have a great week! xo, ab

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Everything looks so fun! I have had similar experiences with my girls and the lemons they leave out at restaurants. Ahh...the adventures of raising girls into women.
We're heading to Atchison for the reunion weekend and will miss you!

The Guess Family said...

I made play-doh, except I used Tarter Sauce instead of Cream of Tarter. Who knew that wasn't the same?