Thursday, June 13, 2013

Random Love

You already know I love...

anchors, Dr. Pepper, chocolate, para-normal romance novels, the color yellow, front porches, farmhouses, Coke in glass bottles, Little Debbie oatmeal cakes, crushed ice, vintage glasses, Starbucks, cake stands, flip flops, quilts, sunflowers, lip gloss, music, mason jars, hard wood floors, peaches, Sonic, sundresses...

But did you know I also love...

 having the windows open
washi tape 
attic redos 
wooden screen doors 
white sheets
 funnel cake...cotton candy...kettle corn...pretty much all carnival food 
lime tortilla chips 
 signs & prints with quotes
blowing bubbles with bubble gum 
road trips 
English muffins 
spray sunblock
make-up bags
old school charm bracelets 
jean jackets
Snow White and Cinderella
wood counter tops



SaraColorado said...

This was fun reading.