Monday, June 17, 2013

Flower Obsessed

Taking care of flowers makes me downright giddy.

Seriously, my neighbors probably make fun of the crazy lady with the yellow watering tin that's always out front dead heading and watering.

I'm compulsive.

It's peaceful and fulfilling.

Flowers don't have potty accidents or throw tantrums in public.

Just saying.

(Ignore the dead lawn in the background.
We are focusing on the flowers here.)

I have three rose bushes, and love them the most.

A peach one (my fave), a red one, and a pink one to replace the yellow one I lost over the winter. R.I.P.

Hoping to add a couple more this summer!

Because that annoying evergreen bush

These are all front my front yard.
I'm sure it looks like an old lady lives here.
But a happy old lady.
Our newest flower addition:

We've always had an ant problem in the rocks up front.

Every year we take the rock out and spray.

It's annoying.

Ants are annoying.

So when I saw a friend replaced her rock with a flower bed, I was over the moon and got right to work!



Anonymous said...

So so beautiful!! I have heard roses can be tricky to grow, so I've always shied away from them. Yours are amazing!!! We must be long-lost sisters because I love watering the flowers, too! It just calms me. I sneak out before the kids get up. This year I've had good luck with geraniums (with little American flags) and sweet potato vine. That stuff grows like a weed and makes me look like a rock star!
Have a happy day!