Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Carnival

We love the carnival every year.

As soon as that farris wheel goes up, the carnival plans start.

I have fond memories of the carnival growing up,

so we always indulge the kids.

And go for the unlimited ride passes for each kid.

Brody wasn't big enough to go on a lot of the rides, but the few he could he rode over and over and over again.

AJ always talks Andy into the crazy rides.
And it is hilarious to watch.

I pretty much go for the junk food.

Summer would not be complete without a funnel cake.

And a gigantic bag of cotton candy.

Brody would not let go of that bag to save his life.

He was in awe every time we walked by the cotton candy booth.

They rode nearly every ride multiple times.

Brody and I rode the carousel together a lot.

He really wanted to play the games,
but we have a strict rides and food only policy.
Sorry kiddo.
Our anniversary pic.
We stayed till after it was dark and all the lights came on...

A good 3 hours after our arrival.

It was a total blast.