Monday, June 10, 2013

Insta-Monday Birthday Edition

It is summer break, and we are full steam ahead.

We went to the Library's summer reading series kick-off event last weekend.

It was totally fun and totally free.

We did obstacle courses with dinosaur feet, played at the park, did some dino crafts, got our arms painted, won cool prizes from the Radio Disney family air band contest, and took home grab bags full of surprise library books and DVD's.

Sunday was my birthday.

We went to church where the kids were obnoxious.

Then Andy did yard work and I did dishes followed by a nap.

Then we went to a graduation party.

(I told Abby to smile pretty, and this is what I got.)

Andy surprised me by whisking me away for dinner while nana and papa watched the kiddos.

It was a delightful end to the day.

Monday we packed a picnic and headed to a splash park.

I'm crazy excited that we had a storm door installed!
Love fresh air and natural light!

I made a ring bearer's pillow out of fabric from my mom's stash for my sister's wedding.

We met up with bible study friends at a park for lunch on Tuesday.

We rocked happy hour.

Wednesday was rainy and cold, so we had a movie and laundry day.

I spent 6 hours this week trimming, sorting,

and counting thousands of box tops and labels for education.

I found this in my bed one night.

Sneaky girl.

We read pirate books all week,

and went to Pirate's Cove for Andy's birthday on Thursday.

Brody loved the sand box, all three loved the lazy river, and Abby loved having the huge bucket dump water on her head. I don't really get why that would be enjoyable, but she ran that way every time she heard the bell.

Then we went out for a pizza dinner per the birthday boy's request.
This was my best friend that night.
They should just re-name it Magic Gel.
And Friday we had a play date with friends, and then met up with other friends for frozen yogurt.

It never stops.

Isn't that what summer is all about...

trips to the library, splash parks, fresh air, picnics at the park, cold drinks, movie days, water parks, birthday celebrations, Magic Gel, and frozen yogurt with friends?!

I do believe it is.