Friday, June 21, 2013


Last Friday I took the boys to the pool while Andy took Ab to the dentist.

I love summer mornings lounging by the pool.

Especially with great kids as company.

Ab had oral surgery Friday morning.

They had to put her under.

I didn't sleep for 3 days leading up to this day.

I was a hot mess.

It was the most heart breaking experience to see her so groggy and out of it when she got home.

It was gut wrenching.

I would have given her the world if she asked for it that day.

But in true Abby style Girlfriend bounced back and we couldn't keep her resting by that evening.

She's a trooper.

The next few days were kinda rough as she refused to take her pain meds, but we made it.

I love that girl something fierce.

Love that I caught this moment.

Melts my heart.

And then there are moments like this.

Mother-of-the-year moments.

When your youngest walks into the living room drinking a cup of didn't get for him.

So you follow him, clenched in fear, as the realization of the only water source at his level is confirmed.

Heaven help me.

This parenting thing is a trip.

He later discovered a much more sanitary water source.

He never gives up.

Determination and strong will seem to run in the family.

We celebrated Father's Day with the greatest dad I have ever met.

I'm not just saying that.

Andy loves those kids with his whole heart and soul and it shows in every thing he does. He makes them crazy fun kid breakfasts, takes them all over the place with him, plays like a big kid, lays down the law when needed, reads the bible to them, prays with them, and tucks them in multiple times every night.

He would stop the world in a heart beat to do anything for them.

His family is his world, and that to me makes a true honorable man.

We got him some Dad's root beer and our traditional daddy book.
And he humored me by posing for a pic.
Good man through and through.

I love it when beach towels and swim bags replace backpacks.

AJ rides his scooter everyday while I water my flowers out front.
It's our thing.
I grab my watering tin, he grabs his helmet.
It's great.

Brody is always right in the middle of the action, never missing a beat.

He wore my beanie from my freshman year of college all morning and played in the garage while I cleaned around him.

It made me smile seeing him just play like no big deal with that thing on his head. Silly kid.

Our anniversary pic from carnival night.

Love that man.

Half price shakes after 8pm at Sonic.


The kids pick their shakes by color. So funny.
Abby said, "I want a pink one!"
AJ said, "I want the brightest yellow one!"
Brody screamed, "Nana!"
Strawberry, pineapple, and banana it was!

It was pure bliss.

And the quietest it had been all day.

I have a new cup design for Sonic.

Not sure if their advertising execs would go for it.

Thursday Andy took the day off to go on an adventure with me.

We woke up early, loaded up the kids, and drove three hours out to Buena Vista to a Young Life camp.!!!

I am overjoyed to be a new Capernaum leader!

Which is what brought us all the way to Buena Vista.

Capernaum is a branch of Young Life that gives young adults with disabilities the opportunity to experience fun and adventure, develop friendships, build self-esteem, and learn about Christ's love through club, camp, and outings.

Unconditional love truly made manifest.

People feeling happy and safe enough to just be who they are and know they are loved and accepted.

It's powerful.

I love these kids and love getting to experience being apart of people just being themselves and feeling secure enough to put themselves out there.

Truly awesome.

God's love is awesome and powerful.

And we are always ready for our next adventure.


Brenda L. Greenwald said...

A post FULL of love!

SaraColorado said...

Loved reading this. You have a beautiful family! I'm glad Abby's oral surgery is over now...I've been thinking of you.

It'd be fun to have a "meet at the park day" sometime soon! Looks like you're having a great summer!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Love this post. So sad about Abby. I bet you are glad it's OVER.
Thanks for sharing!